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Emergency Task Force - Level 1 Application


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^[alt text]

^["I~[nitial Success or Total Failure]~(black,#ff5e28)'']

^[This motto resperesents the Emergency Task Force ''Expolsive Disposal Unit''. We strive on initial success upon every mission, because if full dedication and focus is not progressed into a mission, Total Failure could occure.]

alt text

TheEmergency Task Force(Also known as ETF) is aTactical Unitof the San Andreas Police Service. Created in 1965, it is mandated to deal with high risk situations like hostage taking, emotionally disturbed persons, high risk arrests, warrant service, and protection details. The ETF mission profile also includes terrorism and counter-terrorism threats in some extreme cases.

All necessary high risk situations are dealt with by the well trained ETF team. ETF officers have been trained to deal with almost any situation imaginable. The officers are not only trained to be able to handle long term missions with focus and dedication, but they are prepared well enough to not let fear interact with their mission.

Multiple San Andreas Police organizations help the Emergency Task Force crack down on severely distressed citizens causing harm upon others. The ETF cooperates with other San Andreas police organizations. The ETF is called to assist other Police organizations to lower the fatal risk of any officer or civilian.

alt text

^[Date of creation:]

^[Squad Level:]

^[Squad tag:]


^[Squad Money:]

^[Recruitment Status:]


^[Total member count:]

^[Members with Procop diploma:]

^[ETF Color Code:]
^[[Grey] #2F2E2A / [Orange] #FF6F28]

^["I~[nitial Success or Total Failure]~(black,#ff5e28)'']

^[Discord Link:]

^[Media Archive:]

alt text

Emergency Response Unit

All team members are trained as assaulters, and thus are able to perform any necessary tasks requiring force. The Emergency response unit is highly trained at rescuing Very Important People (VIP), and assisting every police organization, to make the mission safer. Emergency Task Force Response units are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not only to rescue very important people but also keeping the nation of San Andreas safe from any terrorist treaths facing our people.

Explosive Disposal Unit

The Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU) is a part-time operational Unit consisting of specially-trained ETF officers who perform other policing duties full-time and EDU functions on a call-out basis.

These Police Officers are extensively trained to deal with:

The safe handling of explosives.
Investigation of explosive devices and explosions.
Response to biological, chemical and nuclear hazards.

TheEmergency Task Force Explosive Disposal Unit:

Attends the scene of all explosions, whether criminal or accidental.
Secures the means of safely transporting and disposing of all found explosives.
Is responsible for assisting public an private institutions on bomb threat procedures.
Supports members of the Emergency Task Force team, when executing a search warrant on premises where it is believed explosives may be found.


The emergency task force is based on securing bomb treaths in the whole nation of San Andreas, aswell as assisting fellow squads to help and make the nation a safer place in all other aspects.

ETF deals with high risk situations.

ETF arrests citizens who compose a major threat towards other San Andreas citizens.

ETF works together and helps other Police organizations to desynchronize threat composing situations.

ETF makes sure every San Andreas citizen feels safe.

ETF secure San Andreas: schools, hospitals, education centers, and other locations to keep the young youths safe at all times.

ETF makes sure all Police Organizations are safe at all times.

alt text
^[Emergency Task Force HeadQuarters]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

alt text

~Leader [L] [level 5]

The leader of the squad, he will look after the financial things, will look for
properties and operates everything.

~Vice Leader [VL] [level 4]

This is the leaders right hand, he supports him with everything he needs suport in.

~Sub Leader [SL] [Level 4]

This is the leaders 3rd hand, he has been a HQ for a long time and operates together with the Leader and the Vice Leader.

~Chief of Staff [COS] [Level 4]

The Chief of staff is the one who helps the HQ team where needed.

~Head Quarters [HQ] (Level 3)

They are loyal and help the squad by recruiting new members, they have the ability to promote, kick, invite, warn. They will watch over the members and assist them where needed.

~Support Headquarters [sHQ] (Level 3)

The sHQ is in training of becoming a full HQ he must follow HQ orders at all times.

~Captain [CPT] (Level 3)

Members with this rank should assist the sHQ with their job.

~Colonel [COL] (Level 2)

The Colonel is as well a trusted member. His responsibility is to look after the lower ranks and give orders to them. He must also be able to train the lower rank to be a better ETF agent.

~Major [MJ] (Level 2)

They are Colonels assistants and their main job is keeping the team in order.

~Lieutenant [LT] [Level 2]

Lieutenant's Assistants to help keep team in order.

~Sergeant [SGT] [Level 1]

His job is to give orders to lower ranks when needed.

~Private First Class [PFC] [Level 1]

This rank shows the person is loyal and active and deserved a promotion.

~Private [PVT] [Level 0]

This rank will be acquired by passing the recruit fase.

~Recruit [R] [Level 0]

This rank is the first rank you will carry it shows you are new to the squad.

alt text

Leader [L] [level 5]

Vice Leader [VL] [level 4]

Sub Leader [SL] [Level 4]

Chief of Staff [COS] [Level 4]

Head Quarters [HQ] (Level 3)

Support Headquarters [sHQ] (Level 3)

Captain [CPT] (Level 3)

Colonel [COL] (Level 2)

Major [MJ] (Level 2)

Lieutenant [LT] [Level 2]

Sergeant [SGT] [Level 1]

Private First Class [PFC] [Level 1]

Private [PVT] [Level 0]

Recruit [R] [Level 0]

alt text

1] Respect and follow all server rules at all times.

2] Respect and follow all squad rules at all times.

3] Respect all players, act mature, use common sense and don't mess around and about too much.

4] Always try to arrest the criminal you're after first, only use lethal force when outnumbered. (Store robbery's, bank robbery's etc.

5] Don't arrest criminals under 10 stars if they are not causing harm or a threat upon you.

6] Try to avoid playing as a cop with stars always ask your team for a bribe.

7] Don't wear rank tags you are not allowed to wear.

8] Do not arrest other police officers.

9] Always use your binds before you open fire on a car or arrest someone.

10] Always obey orders from higher ups.

11] Always try to help your team mates when needed.

12] Drive on the right side of the road at all times unless the criminal you are chasing leaves you no other choice.

alt text

1] Your english needs to be decent at the least.

2] You must be atleast 15 years of age.

3] You need to have atleast 100 hours of playtime on SAES;RPG.

4] You must have discord installed and ready to use.

5] You must have some patrol time with any ETF member.

alt text

Copy the application format, paste it as it is and fill it out with your information as truthfully as possible.

 ***Personal dosier.***
**Ingame alias:**
**Real Name:**
**Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server ? [if so why?]**
**Have you ever been kicked from a Gang/squad ? [if so why?]**

***Your experience.***
**How long have you been playing MTA?**
**How long have you been playing on SAES?**
**How many in-game hours do you have?**
**How many hours do you play a day?**
**Previous gangs/squads?:**
**Do you have PC (Procop diploma)?:**

***your qualifications.***
**Add a picture of your "stats" by using www.imgur.com (press /stats ingame)(use spoilers: [ Spoiler][ /spoiler]**

***What would you do.***
**What would you do if you are chasing someone and they avoided arrest?**
**What would you do if someone came and asked you for a bribe?**
**Someone DMs you:**
**An admin asks you something:**
**Someone from ETF with a higher rank calls you?**

***Additional Questions.***
**Did any ETF member suggest you to apply? [If so Who?]**
**Why do you want to join ETF?:**
**What makes you worthy of joining ETF?:**
**Tell us something about yourself( more than 30 words):**

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