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Application Process:
To be hired as an employee of Helvete Fast Food you must first fill out our online application.

If you are accepted to continue the application process you will then be required to attend an interview on discord where you will be interrogated with random questions that seem to have nothing to do with the actual application process and more like a psychological evaluation. If you fool us that you're sane or are truly crazy enough to seek a career path in fast food then we will extend an offer of employment to you.

Upon acceptance of the job offer you will immediately start training in the form of a one-on-one sit down. Then you will be inducted into the cult with ritualistic murder and blood sacrifice. After you review the required reading materials about our work culture, our history, and all the other boring ding-dong nonsense they make you read when you get another fast food job you will lastly be required to watch our employee training video, for San Andreas heath and Safety standards and OSHA compliance, and also for our own sadistic amusement.


Submit Application:

DISCORD > #how-to-apply

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