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  1. Promotions & Community Staff Recruitment

    Who the fuck promoted these useless wankfucks! Only joshing Grats peeps and goodluck to the apps.
  2. Changes to HQ

    Lazy foreign cunt tombaa
  3. SAES is 14 years old!

    14 years, wow just the same age as Kenny likes his victims.
  4. Reward Change

    done but changed raindance to cargobob, cant remember properly but sure raindance is off the menu
  5. Reward reclaim/change

  6. Bellend

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Terry


      You will have to wait till I come back next year. 

      Btw Have you bought Wastelands back from me yet ?

    3. Toast


      nope and why would i buy it, ive pretty much let you have it rent free you cheeky cunt!

    4. Terry
  7. Donation:Legacy (Amount 61.00 GBP)

    Thanks for the donation, sorted.
  8. Legacy's Reward Change

  9. Tazer Range

    Someone remind me.to ban.omar later
  10. Sorted, thanksfor donating!
  11. fuck coolwave64 fuck him!!!

    1. Hotfire


      ignore^^ srry for being annoying was mad at my bro

    2. System


      cool irish rock n roll for brit fag

    3. System


      well, i think i accidently posted in here

  12. Police sultan in SAFP base and money sorted,Thanks for donating
  13. Toast please unban me

  14. Infernus at BS base locked to the man himself, cash monies done also, Thanks for donating!