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  • Walking styles

    , posted by: NanoBob 26 comments

    A small update has been made, Gangs, squads, companies and groups can have a custom walking style, this walking style will be optional and you will be able to switch between the regular walking style and your custom one. 

    The command to do this with is /togglewalk, I suggest you bind it.

    In order to get it you need to request it on the GM tracker with the following format:

    Gang classes:

    Desired walking style (ID and name):


    The gang class can be found in tab, this is case sensitive.

    The ID's can be found here: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetPedWalkingStyle 


    26 comments on this article

    Yannick will dislike this post.

    Cool but why not for everyone?

    Since it's restricted to spawns to prevent people from using walking styles which dont suit their spawn, like gang walking styles for squads.

    And how exactly is that a problem?

    So a arms dealer can't walk like a gang because it wouldn't look right? A cop can't walk like SWAT because it wouldn't look right? I really don't see any problem with adding them to public spawns to add something cool for everyone.

    (They are also being added to public spawns)

    So far only prostitute and hobo have them, more will be added later

    Really cool man. It is these small big things that make the server dynamic. Good job!

    For the total noobs under us.

    When you are on your local server.
    Use the following as runcode


    And press Client.


    Change # into the Walking Style Number.



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