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  • SAES:RPG Click Control v0.1

    , posted by: Lance 56 comments

    Introducing SAES:RPG Click Control v0.1. 

    Our new script to use for RP's and other activities, currently you can change skins, turn on/off engine, lights and open doors with it. Sooner than later we'll introduce new features to it.

    How does it work?

    Press right ALT button and click a car you have the keys too..

    56 comments on this article

    Wesley is love,wesley is life

    yey when will we start to gives our weops to our friends 

    Very nice idea specially for roleplayers! Thank you!

    Great job ! I like it ! :D

    Gj Weskey  this is awesome !!

    Not bad. Economy stil needs fixes btw.

    Nice, but i really like that you use FBI spawn! :D


    Finally adding things to cop side, gg 

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