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  • Celebrating Two Decades of Gaming: SAES/VCES Community's 20-Year Milestone on Multi Theft Auto.


    As SAES commemorates two decades of gaming on Multi Theft Auto, now is the opportune moment to join the celebration. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer eager to explore the vibrant world of MTA, SAES welcomes you.

    When SAES started (then as VCES), we began as a gang on a modest 32-player server (which was the server limit back in 2003). We hosted weekly gang wars with other gangs/servers and organized various MTA-wide competitions/events. However, we never envisioned that our humble gang would evolve into a gaming community, let alone one that has operated for so long!

    For all the players, past and present, who have helped shape the community, we sincerely thank you! Your contributions, be it through gameplay, creativity, or camaraderie, have been the foundation of SAES's enduring legacy. An extra special thanks goes to all those who have generously donated over the years. Your support has allowed our community to thrive, providing players with a place to call home, where friendships are forged, and rivalries are born.

    As we reflect on these two decades, it's great to see how members have not only grown within the virtual world of SAES but have also grown up in our community. We've witnessed friendships blossom, skills sharpen (apart from mine 😂), and lives intertwine. To our dedicated members, both past and present, you are the heartbeat of SAES, and we're grateful to have shared this incredible journey with you.

    I will be hosting a birthday event night on November 25, 2023, at 19:00 GMT/Server Time, featuring events with in-game prizes and rewards for all those who wish to join. We hope you can make it!

    Here's to another 20 years of virtual adventures, friendships, and memories!

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    I was 8 when I started playing back in 2014, I’ll be 18 in a month, ngl it was really special to grow up in this community. The amount of long lasting friendships that I have built through this server is insane.

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    Since I was little I only had the PS2 with GTA San Andreas and then I switched to computers but I've been playing it since I was little then when I discovered MTA it opened up a world for me THANKS GTA:SAN ANDREAS MTA:SAN ANDREAS SAES:RPG🤗

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    Please give me a time machine to go back a decade to the golden times, nowadays the server isn't nearly as populated and feels like the essence of it been lost! (yeah maybe it's just me getting old)

    Despite that... It's surprising how it's still alive and some continue to play it, I still do but not with as much joy as back then obviously

    Makes me happy to see it's not dying anytime soon

    Happy 20th SAES community





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    God damn 20 years, I firstly started playing at 2012. SAES always brings me nostalgia vibes most of us were kids back then trying to communicate while having fun with each others. I always had too huge inactivity breaks all these years but somehow I end up playing again. I am glad to see that the server is still going even if it is not as populated as it was. Good job on people playing to keep this alive. Only thing I can wish for is for people to keep playing and make it back on being one of the most populated as it was. LEGGO FOR ANOTHER 20 YEARS THEN WE WILL BE ALL RETIRED FROM OUR JOBS AND GO FULL-TIME SAES

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    I was 14 when I joined SAES first time at 2011. My friend called me to "rob the banks". And from that moment I loved SAES! I'm 26 now and I've learned English here which helped me found a great job with a good payment and this what finnally make my dream to be real - to help my Mom that she can leave from non-woman hard work 🙂 (Yeah I'm good x2 son).
    I found friends here, learned a things which is the same in life, at job and ingame. And for sure I becamed more mature heh.

    Thank you SAES! ❤️
    Wish y'all that your best dreams comes true!🤞

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    Coincidentally this month marks my 10 year anniversary with this community, and this place has been an invaluable experience and a highly supportive stepping stone for reaching for my interests and skills like many others have said. Truly a magical community that's made it through decades of hard work and perseverance, it really deserves all the best :classic_love:

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    It's been 20 years 🥹🥹

    i remember when i start play in 2011 when my friend mezoo told me about saes and i got mtasa for only saes Until now I made many beautiful relationships, met beautiful people, many sweet memories, and many problems as well 😂😂


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    Damn it!

    Almost 13 years being part of this community. Literally grew up with many of you. The trip had many ups and downs, but every up and down left a little mark of memory which I love thinking back of. More than glad that my cousins @MarksMan and @CheGuevara introduced the server to me back at end of 2010. Hopefully this will last for much longer.

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    I started playing on this server around late 2013-early 2014 at a very young age. Thanks to this server I was able to learn and understand English even better with its slang and colloquialisms that are not usually taught in schools. Also relatively recently I passed my English exam perfectly solely on the knowledge I gained from playing here. So thanks to this server that i met a lot of interesting people, even those with whom I met in person after a while 🥶

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    As the tradition of all SAES events, it was an awesome day! 

    And here how it was:

    Tradition of LVX buildings





    Too many admins was online!




    NanoBobaH preparing for "Flip NanoBobah car" event


    (papo jonas thx for being next to me, appreciatO that feeling of safety)



    Even The Boss, The King, The God of SAES:RPG @Ronseal  joined us today!


    It was hard to kill you @Brophy at the event but @Troyano shooted ur ass! 😛



    A races was the lovely part of the events!






    This was an amazing evening! This was Anniversary of SAES 20th years!
    Thank you for emotions! 

    jajajaja pic here


    Teddy rekt . DE on him. Move him to CLO Recruta!
    Courage today, Victory tomorrow!



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