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  • Minor Updates

    , posted by: weskey 31 comments

    Hi everyone,

    Updates that have been rolled out 06/01/2016:

    • Spawn at property
    • ZIP Construction Preview
    • Low fuel alert beeps
    • Some small bug fixes

    I hope the updates will work correctly. However if you find a bug, please report it at our tracker.


    31 comments on this article

    Maybe you could also lower the time we run out of fuel, it's insane.

    In another hand, congratulations on the job,  can't wait to see them applied.

    ^^ Agreed. Everything seems to be alright but the fuel system. Can't even ride my bike around free, running out of fuel very soon. (max 99 fuel capacity)

    Finally ''Spawn at Property'' :!

    Pls sir, make fuel last longer... its a bit of a piss take I can just about do 2 SRs before it runs out.

    in the meanwhile jay_ be like.....


    2.0 yayyyyy , keep it up guys xD

    Oh thank you very much finally i can spawn at my property and good job guys

    jaja waiting for fix,weskeeeh 

    Finally we get to spawn at our properties!!! Good job guys!!

    Property spawn ? Waiting for this since ages

    Finally yeeey Good Job All admins 

    Server is open to the public again.


    eehm plz fix racebug, i pay for first one does it 20mills :D

    Thanks for fixing the ''spawn at property'' script, now what I also peronally really wait to be added back is the script that you were available to modify your donations via forums,, as I have them shitload then this thing is really important for me 

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