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  • Back to the Future

    , posted by: Lance
    To celebrate that Marty and Doc have reached their destination we've added the Delorean from the movie ingame.  The car replaces the Alpha ingame and no, it can't fly or go back in time when zZenom used to be liked or in the future when Kenny takes over SAES to make it a Nazi Utopia.

    Tagging up turf

    , posted by: NanoBob
    An update has been made where gangs will be able to use a spraycan to create gang tags on walls, anywhere. Spraying one of those tags whilst in a turf war will aid your side of the turf (this is restricted to 3 times per turf zone). Any gang will have 1 tag set to them, in order to get your gang to be able to create tags check this topic: http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/77330-how-to-properly-request-a-gang-tag/ There's a couple rules about t

    New Community Staff!

    , posted by: Kain
    First of all, I'd like you to welcome @Dequ and @Fyrr as new additions to the Community Staff team. We have noticed your comments about there not being administration around the server and hopefully this is the beggining of change! These 2 have stood by and served you an excellent service while helping out with our housing department and therefore showing us what a great addition to the Community Staff team these 2 would be. However, along wi

    Adobe Illustrator Wizard among us?

    , posted by: Lance
    Is there a graphics specialist among us with a special talent in Adobe Illustrator? We got a few projects we need a hand in, as we do not have the time to commit to illustrator If so, please contact me or Brophy with a few project you've worked on! PS. Doing signature with templates isn't a special talent, we need someone who's really good!

    Online Events, Get Ready!

    , posted by: Sir Cheese
    We have today activated the online events tab, so keep an eye on it once in a while. Events will be posted there and won't be posted anywhere else. Hopefully this will bring it more clear to users when events are going on. You can also confirm your attendance there, if the event requires it. We hope to get this going and do accept certain events to be posted there by the community members as-well, but you will need to ask a SAES member or a CS m

    Reports of Heavy Rain

    , posted by: Brophy
    Hello All, We have received reports from the San Andreas Meteorologist's suggesting we are in for very heavy rain tonight between 8 and 9pm server time! We also believe there is a very high chance of flooding as the dam and flood defenses are currently having maintenance work carried out on them and will be unavailable in time to stop any potential flooding! Please keep your eye on ingame announcements for any further developments! Let us know i

    More Site Updates

    , posted by: Brophy
    More progress has been made on the website! Forum listings have been re-added by Kasimir so you know where you are on the forum and can trace your way back (called breadcrumbs). We have also added the 'View new content' inside the "Cogwheel" menu at the top right of the forum navigation, you can view all the latest content via that new page. I've also re-added the live server stats back to the main page, if you click on "Player(s)", you will ge

    Website responsive?

    , posted by: Sir Cheese
    The forum has now been updated to support smaller displays. Not all of the features might work on small devices, but it should give a slightly better experience while using a small device. We will keep improving the forums time to time. And will fix any bugs found as soon as we can.

    Things filtering through....

    , posted by: Brophy
    Hello! Thanks again for your patience, we are working hard to try and get your old features put back through onto the website, however it won't happen 'overnight'. I have managed to work on a password recovery class that Kasimir created years ago and managed to update and implement it into the new website. It can be found in the 'More' tab on the website's navigation bar called 'Recovery Ingame Password' We will keep you informed of any more d

    Welcome to our new Website

    , posted by: Brophy
    Hello! Thanks for your patience, the new website is now back up and running!  Please find a message from our resident clan founder, RonSeal! Please note: Ingame Password Recovery and Donation Vehicle modifcations are currently being worked on, so you wont be able to access them for a few days. Some features might not work as expected and are being worked on. New features are coming and a mobile friendly responsive design to this is on the oven.