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  • Welcome aboard the GM team!

    , posted by: Bone
    Hey guys, We welcome @_Jay inside the Gang Management team! we're sure that @_Jay will assist you in any G/S/C related issues, he even does specialty's such as cleaning the CLO toilets! The last new GM member will be announced shortly so yet again hold your nipples tight!

    New Gang Manager

    , posted by: Bone
    Hey guys! With the low number of GM that we recently occurred, we decided to open a internal recruitment and invite 2 new GM members to our team. We welcome back @Sam to the GangManagers team! The second GM member will be announced shortly start twisting your nipples!  We're sure that @Sam will assist you in any gang related issues you have, feel free to PM him for anything! - Bone

    SAi Recruitment 2016

    , posted by: Kain
    SAi Recruitment Information Topic   Where: Secondary Dimension, using event panel; Time: 19:00 Servertime Date: Saturday, The 14th of May 2016   Requirements:   - In order to participate you need to be spawned either as PC (Sheriff) or Trainee; - In order to be taken in consideration, you must wear a roleplay name in the format FirstName_Surname (e.g.:Ardron_Dawson); - Gang Memb


    , posted by: NanoBob
    Ever ran out of keys to make binds for? You want more Localchat binds than you have keys? Or do you just want to bind every command.. EVER? Well this is the update for you! Introducing the SAES:RPG Binds system version!  With this update you will be able to group binds to different keys, and have binds under binds. binds leading to binds, binds within binds. you can bind your binds with binds in binds, etc etc. Joking aside

    Changes to management

    , posted by: Lance
    Hello guys! It's been a while since we've shaken things up... It's always refreshing to shake things up a bit. We in HQ have been discussing our activity carefully and felt like we could do better. Sometimes we have no real connections to the decisions being made in the server and no real way to influence it. Thats not good enough.. We're at the stage where the "new" HQ has stopped being fresh and has to take a good hard look at

    The Cuban Embassy is here - Apply now!

    , posted by: Jay
    After a long meeting with the Cuban Government officials, the leaders of Cuba have decided to tip their toes back into San Andreas, believing that the country is safe enough for the Cuban Ambassador and government officials to arrive to San Fierro. The Cuban Government has sent an ambassador to San Andreas to uphold, or if possible, improve the relationship between Cuba and the United States. One of the missions of the newly app

    Unrestricted Area has returned

    , posted by: Bone
    Some of you might remember the Unrestricted Area by GaG  . The project got on pause due to an expensive entry fee. Last month we been working on reviving the project and we succeeded! Its still in a monitoring period so new updates related to the "Unrestricted Area" will be added through time. In the meanwhile we would like to hear feedbacks/ideas from our community don't be shy and throw in your ideas How it works In each

    Desert Eagles ~ Recruiment 2016!

    , posted by: Bunny / Weeb fag
    Desert Eagles Recruitment It is time to get new recruits into our forces! The recruitment will be taking place on Saturday the 7th of May, 2016 at:12:00 and 18:00 server time. Check server time in game, it is GTA time Now if you're not able to come to these recruiments for PROPER REASONS, PM ME in forums before 30.4  Admin messages will be made during and a few minutes before the recruitment to give you further instruction

    SAES:FM Audio Services

    , posted by: Brophy
    Ever wanted to host your own radio stream on the SAES server? We are now offering the service to the general public. Here is a breakdown of what you will receive for £5 a month (GBP): Auto-DJ. 2GB of storage for your Auto-DJ. Audio stream is limited the MTA server, to keep bandwidth down and your stream stable. Stream gets added to the "M" panel as a 'green' approved stream. 5 h

    elections Presidental Elections March 2016 - Vote your chosen

    , posted by: Darth Revan
    Dear Citizens of San Andreas,   The time has come! You can vote for one candidate in any of the Senate Seats. There are 13 seats, with a candidate from 2 political parties and 9 independent candidates - All in all we have 22 candidates on this election!IMPORTANT: Since we do not have opponents for every seat (5 in total), the regarding candidates will need at least 5 votes in order to win th