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  • 30 July 2016

    , posted by: Darth Revan
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Our grave concerns became true. It was kind of expected, but we hoped for a better end anyway. Many of you have witnessed the conflict that did occur this weekend by the 30 July 2016, around 5 PM. We are sure, many of you are as shocked as we are, and still wondering, what did just happen? We will share some of our information regarding this conflict with you, and try to make it as clear and

    New HQ leader

    , posted by: Lance
    I've asked Tombaa to replace my seat on active HQ, he's from Finland and likes long walks on the beach and hopes for world peace. He is now the guy you PM if something bothers you or you just need to talk to someone about your personal life. I've set myself to the senior HQ and can now grow old, bitter and harrass members. Oi oi oi.

    Public Warning by the CIA

    , posted by: Darth Revan
    .   Ladies and Gentlemen, As you might have seen at the leaked document from our service (We hope such a leak will never happen again!), the Cubans and other communists and terrorists (CLO, TSAC, DDT) were suspected to take over the Government. Yet we do not have enough proofs, but all signs tell us, that something big is about to take place. As we have noticed an i

    Leaked intel from the CIA

    , posted by: Darth Revan
    Ex-Intelligence worker Eddi Rainden has once again leaked some serious documents from the CIA:       What is this all about? And why haven't the elections been announcent yet?

    Let's put some shaders up!

    , posted by: Lance
    So i wanted to get the community involved. If you're interested in shaping the overall design of SA enviroment we urge you to help us. Only thing you need to do is use Nanobobs shader tool;    And then start replacing billboards or anything you like in SA! When you're done, screenshot the design ingame and PM me it. Anyone that design something that gets approved receives 1 million in reward. Thanks

    Races are fixed

    , posted by: NanoBob

    Ten new REDD recruits

    , posted by: Lance
    Welcome to our ten new REDD recruits. Thanks for the recruitment, it was a blast. - Lance

    Welcome aboard the GM team!

    , posted by: Bone
    We welcome @ESO inside the Gang Management team! Feel free to spam his inbox with questions about your G/S/C/G also he's a live wikipedia based on camel anatomy knowledge.   Also @ESO will be doing a contest of best drawn skills! Here's your plain example winner gets $10,000,000 rewarded in his G/S/C organisation

    REDD recruitment

    , posted by: Lance
    Redd recruitment will be held 6th of july. The location will be given out five minutes before it starts (18:55). Recruiters will be under different alias. That is all.

    Updates on Unrestricted DM zone!

    , posted by: Bone
    hey there! Some of you might seen the update comming by this evening. We replaced the previous map with a new one! In every big city (LS,LV,SF) you can find 2 of these blue skull icons ( ) these mark the entry for the Unrestricted DM zone! Once you reach the ( )  you'll see a pink marker   At the counter you'll meet Henk the salesman he sells tickets for $500 each   Once you paid your e