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    Website fixes

    , posted by: Tombaa
    Quick and short, Brophy fixed the emails to work now properly, some domains might come with a slight delay due to the changes but all should be fine and working by now. And he also fixed the donation changer page so those of you who've got donation vehicles and been asking about the page, it's back and it's working. You can find it here: http://saesrpg.uk/donations/vehicle/ Don't forget to login using your in-game credentials!

    Housing Changes

    , posted by: Kain
    Housing Limit After a long poll which we've had today with over 100 votes, it concluded in a choice between 6 or 10 properties which neither side received a majority therefore we've decided to take a split down the middle and go for a total of 8 properties. This is enough for 1 in every city/county. All players will have until the 21st of August in order to match the limit of 8 properties and anyone exceeding this number after t

    Trucking Update!!

    , posted by: Kain
    First things first, we've finally revamped and improved the Trucker spawn with Trucker v2. - Original Trucker has been removed - Money has been altered to range from 15ishk with 0 deliveries to 45ishk when fully maximised. (300 deliveries). With levels inbetween ofc.  - Trailer collisions have been fixed by @Tut Greco so the trailer no longer falls through the map - Many new destinations have been added with every l

    Website Fixes

    , posted by: Brophy
    Hi Guys, Just a quick one, Email verification and the site's search engine is now back online. If you are using a service provided by microsoft, it will take a while for them to update their records, as at the moment they are blocked.

    New SAHA member

    , posted by: Kain
    Just a quick one,    Congratulations to Human who has been selected to join the SAHA staff. Discussions are still consistently going on so he may not necessarily be the only one ;)   In addition to Human, we've chosen Mohd and PieM to help out with housing too from the staff team. Give them all a day or 2 to get up to speed on things  Thanks ~SAES/SAHA Team

    New turfs & other small updates

    , posted by: Kain
    This is basically an all round dev post: -New turfs are here, post feedback below -Fixed money lag bug with casinos. Money will only be rewarded for your first attempt regardless of how many you get through lag you filthy little abusers. -Alcohol can now be sold via party animal using /sell -Reward for mechanic has been vastly increased similar to Pay and Spray Costs. -Paramedic has seen numerous improvements such

    Event Time!

    , posted by: Bone
    Its your chance now to win the one and only... CJ house   What do you have to do? Its simple all you have to do is make a picutre of yourself dressed up as your favorite GTA:SA character. For the people who are shy you can blackbar your face trough paint. There's no reason to photoshop/edit your photo further besides the blackbar How are the winners picked? : Only 3 can reach the finals one will be eliminated by th

    CS Application Results

    , posted by: Kain
    As you can see we've completed our CS Recruitment and the following people accepted are: @Joe @Nemesis. @Mohd @System @Geri @Piem11 @Piem11 will be around to specialise in US TZ with the other murican saes/staff. There were many close close calls this time and we apologise for any of those that didn't get in that deserve it. May we wish you the best of luck in the future. I hope to have added personalised stuf

    LS Jail back & /sur fixed

    , posted by: Tombaa
    So as you can read from the title, the LS jail is back. East LS hospital spawn removed, caused too much deathmatch with hospital being so close. And /sur is now fixed to actually reduce jailtime + it now reduces jailtime 75% instead of the old 25%

    New SAES Members and Community Staff Recruitment opened!

    , posted by: Tombaa
    As some of you might've seen in-game, we've got some new blood in the clan, so on behalf of SAES HQ and the rest of the clan I'd like to welcome @Patrol @Royalty @jonas13362 @Dequfire and @RAMPAGE to the clan!   And on that note, we've also opened the recruitment for new Community Staff members, and you can find the application forms right about here.     We'll be closing the appl