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    Housing Agents Required

    , posted by: Shaun
    Hi all, SAHA are looking to bring on another two agents to join the current team and assist with all things housing related. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, check out the following topic for more info:

    Respawn as last spawn

    , posted by: Blade
    Greetings, Just a small but convenient update that allows you to respawn the last class you've spawned as. This will however not spawn you at your house.    kind regards, Blade

    Update from SAHA

    , posted by: Shaun
    Hi guys, As per the recent housing changes whereby the limit was reduced to 8, we have gone through and removed any excess properties from players who exceeded this limit beyond 21st August 2017. As a result of this, we have decided to create a number of special auctions which can be viewed in the usual area of the forum (Housing Auctions), allowing everyone to place their bids over the next few days. Please make sure you read th


    , posted by: NanoBob
    Video is rather self explanitory. (The fps drops in the video are only in the recording, not a gameplay issue)

    New Recruit

    , posted by: Kain
    We'd love to welcome @TheKiller101 into the SAES Clan.  For those that don't know of him, TheKiller is part of the MTA Staff and has helped our developers on numerous occasions within the background of the server.  Play nice with him :) Kind Regards, SAES HQ Team

    Server Maintenance

    , posted by: Kain
    Hi guys, Just letting you know that from around 8:30 tomorrow (2/8/17) the server will be going down for some scheduled maintenance on the back end of the server. We hope to get the server back as quickly as possible so please standby during that duration.  And from what I gathered any major changes done between 5:00am - 8:30am may be rolled back if complications occur so please take caution on what you do during these 3.5 ho

    Website fixes

    , posted by: Tombaa
    Quick and short, Brophy fixed the emails to work now properly, some domains might come with a slight delay due to the changes but all should be fine and working by now. And he also fixed the donation changer page so those of you who've got donation vehicles and been asking about the page, it's back and it's working. You can find it here: http://saesrpg.uk/donations/vehicle/ Don't forget to login using your in-game credentials!

    Housing Changes

    , posted by: Kain
    Housing Limit After a long poll which we've had today with over 100 votes, it concluded in a choice between 6 or 10 properties which neither side received a majority therefore we've decided to take a split down the middle and go for a total of 8 properties. This is enough for 1 in every city/county. All players will have until the 21st of August in order to match the limit of 8 properties and anyone exceeding this number after t

    Trucking Update!!

    , posted by: Kain
    First things first, we've finally revamped and improved the Trucker spawn with Trucker v2. - Original Trucker has been removed - Money has been altered to range from 15ishk with 0 deliveries to 45ishk when fully maximised. (300 deliveries). With levels inbetween ofc.  - Trailer collisions have been fixed by @Tut Greco so the trailer no longer falls through the map - Many new destinations have been added with every l

    Website Fixes

    , posted by: Brophy
    Hi Guys, Just a quick one, Email verification and the site's search engine is now back online. If you are using a service provided by microsoft, it will take a while for them to update their records, as at the moment they are blocked.