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  • Streaming KATLA development

    , posted by: NanoBob
    Since most of the community seems very interested in the development and progress of KATLA Deso and I have decided we will be streaming some of the development process on twitch. Where? Our streams can be found at :  https://www.twitch.tv/dezzolation &  https://www.twitch.tv/nanobob_ We'll probably add a post here whenever we start streaming and remove it afterwards in case you want to come watch what we are doing. Do keep i

    Project KATLA: Dev' Diary #3 (A Video Sneak Peek)

    , posted by: Desolator
    It has sadly been a while since our last dev' diary. Multiple successive events in both of our lives prevented us from making enough progress to put something out to you. Fortunatly the time has arrived to show you something! Instead of spamming a bunch of screenshots we decided to create a small video in which we highlight a couple of awesome features we have been working on :) Thanks to the latest MTA update, which increased t

    SAES is 13 years old!

    , posted by: Vinnie
    A few days ago was our 13th anniversary but HQ can't be fucked to make a news article so i'm doing one a few days later. Thanks to all the staff members who keep making SAES run after all this time and special thanks to the community for keeping us active even after 13 years. Hopefully next year will be even bigger and better "Katla, 2.0 "cough" "cough" :B" and lets keep trucking.

    Player Support System

    , posted by: Angelo -
    Since yesterday late night, a new player support system was put in place to allow new players and even experienced ones to forward questions towards people who can answer them. Instead of shouting your question on the main chat where it will quickly get lost, you can directly forward it to a staff member through this new system. I know , I know, KATLA is being developped and so on, so why add it now, the answer is very simple, why not? It's

    Project KATLA: Dev' Diary #2 (Skins and interiors)

    , posted by: NanoBob
    It’s been a week since the first Dev’ Diary, so we decided to give you guys a heads up as to what has been going on in the past week and during the alpha tests. The alpha tests are going great and all the clan members and community staff are enjoying themselves. The majority of added features to the game this week are customization options for players and for gangs. The first of these being the implementation of skin shaders. Unlike t

    Project KATLA: Dev' Diary #1 (Gangs & Wars)

    , posted by: Desolator
    The dust our last newspost has barely settled but I wanted to put out a big dev' diary for you guys so at least some things will be cleared up. The topic of this post is Gang Wars as this will be the featured activity of the closed alpha and open beta. Note that some of these mechanics will change once we convert the open beta/Katla/Anarchy version of the gamemode to an RPG, so I’ll give a very short summary of how things will look like in a

    Good news, everyone!

    , posted by: Lance
    Today we have to confess something to you, our community. Since Desolator’s return he has in deepest secrecy been working on a special project. To you, this project would be known as ‘2.0’ while to us it has become something very different. Desolator started from scratch. He studied the strengths and weaknesses of our current gamemode and with that knowledge he designed a completely new RPG gamemode. Now, a couple of months with more tha

    Come get yourself spooked! ~ Desert Eagles Recruiment 2016

    , posted by: Bunny / Weeb fag
    Desert Eagles Recruitment Assault orientated! The recruitment will be taking place on Saturday the 29th of October, 2016 at:18:00 server time. Check server time in game, it is GTA time Admin messages will be made during and a few minutes before the recruitment to give you further instructions. We suggest you come no more, but no less than 15 minutes in advance. Anyone arriving late will NOT be able to join the recruitment. You sho

    New news

    , posted by: Tombaa
    Figured we could post a small update on stuff going on, as well as some changes in the clan. To start of, the sharpest of you might've noticed that @Desolator has been back for a bit now, and is working with @NanoBob on something above and beyond. Let's just say it's got us all moist down there.    Next up, you've seen @Bone post some shady images around the forums once or twice, and most of you know what it's ab

    More Updates!

    , posted by: Angelo -
    Most of you are already familiar with the new update, but here you go anyway. The GTA SA inbuilt radio stations were finally removed and replaced with our custom radio stations. This means that you can scroll through several stations while being inside your vehicle and enjoy music while driving. This works similarily to the old fashioned stations, as soon as you leave your vehicle, the stream stops. If you don't want to listen to anything,