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  • New news

    , posted by: Tombaa
    Figured we could post a small update on stuff going on, as well as some changes in the clan. To start of, the sharpest of you might've noticed that @Desolator has been back for a bit now, and is working with @NanoBob on something above and beyond. Let's just say it's got us all moist down there.    Next up, you've seen @Bone post some shady images around the forums once or twice, and most of you know what it's ab

    More Updates!

    , posted by: Angelo.
    Most of you are already familiar with the new update, but here you go anyway. The GTA SA inbuilt radio stations were finally removed and replaced with our custom radio stations. This means that you can scroll through several stations while being inside your vehicle and enjoy music while driving. This works similarily to the old fashioned stations, as soon as you leave your vehicle, the stream stops. If you don't want to listen to anything,

    I love men (oh and something about CS)

    , posted by: Tombaa
    Those of you who like to refresh the forums 24/7 have already noticed the results, but I'd like to post an official news post here aswell! I am GAY! On behalf of the clan I would like to welcome the new Community Staff members @Blade~ @JoKilaPT @Batman! @Royalty @Patrol @RAMPAGE.   I'd also like to thank everyone who applied to the position, and wish you luck on the next recruitment.   R

    New update woo!

    , posted by: NanoBob
    Couple new updates: /dropammo , drops ammo of your currently selected weapon. (You won't be able to pick them up, use this to for example get rid of a weapon when you cant store it in the disk and you want to get a different weapon) /gunfix, this fixes the situation where other people see you using a fist instead of your weapons. (Known as : Fist bug, weapon desync) /headmove, toggles the movement of your head. Thank @A

    Freeing up some space in CS Rosters

    , posted by: Tombaa
    I know some of you are eagerly waiting on the Community Staff recruitment results, but unfortunately these are not those yet, they will be coming once we've reached a final verdict on the people getting in. However, I would like to announce the promotion of 3 of our current fine Community Staff members to the SAES Clan! On behalf of the clan and the HQ, I would like to welcome @Ardron @Fyrr and @Danny. to being a part of the clan!

    LV Customs custom vehicles

    , posted by: NanoBob
    Hello ladies, after a little over an hour of server downtime I've finished implementing a new update. This update adds a new type of vehicle shop, just east of LV hospital. This vehicle shop allows you to customise your vehicles, adding parts of some vehicles to others. removing parts from your main vehicle, etc etc. However these custom vehicles can be very expensive depeding on the parts you include in your vehicles. The bought veh


    , posted by: NanoBob
    There is some scheduled downtime for the MTA:SA server on Tuesday 09-08-16 (Today / tomorrow depending on timezones). The exact timestamp for the downtime is unknown. I will attempt to have the downtime be as short as possible so you ladyboys can continue playing ASAP.

    Community Staff Recruitment

    , posted by: Tombaa
    Hola! We felt it was that time of the year again when we'd like to see inactive people become active.. Just kidding. In all seriousness, it's time to open the Community Staff recruitment again, the recruitment period this time will be for a week to start off from right now, so it will be closed on the 8th of August 2016 at 6 PM GMT. Approximately. Before I give you the link to the application, I'd like to urge all of the po

    30 July 2016

    , posted by: Darth Revan
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Our grave concerns became true. It was kind of expected, but we hoped for a better end anyway. Many of you have witnessed the conflict that did occur this weekend by the 30 July 2016, around 5 PM. We are sure, many of you are as shocked as we are, and still wondering, what did just happen? We will share some of our information regarding this conflict with you, and try to make it as clear and

    New HQ leader

    , posted by: Lance
    I've asked Tombaa to replace my seat on active HQ, he's from Finland and likes long walks on the beach and hopes for world peace. He is now the guy you PM if something bothers you or you just need to talk to someone about your personal life. I've set myself to the senior HQ and can now grow old, bitter and harrass members. Oi oi oi.