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  • Promotion

    , posted by: NanoBob
    Blade is SAES now.

    SAHA - Updated Taxes and Ceiling Prices

    , posted by: Ardron
    Ladies and Gentlemen of SAES. Taxes: Today @Joe and I worked out a new taxing system on all personal properties. Personal properties are properties sold by auction on the SAHA forums by the properties owner. The system of tax on inactive auctions (property max price - sale price = t

    Scheduled server maintenance

    , posted by: Angelo -
    Hello, The server will be closed today (04/05/2017) for a short period before midnight for a few updates. If everything goes as planned, the server should be back after 20 minutes maximum. During the maintenance, you are welcome to join our discord channel where you will be updated about the se

    SAI Recruitment

    , posted by: NanoBob
    Greetings chaps, We, SAi, have decided to do a live recruitment again! This live recruitment will be quite a bit different from the previous recruitments. The applicants who currently have an application with a portfolio of their SAi roleplays have a higher chance of joining S

    Desert Eagles Recruiment 2017!

    , posted by: Bunny / Weeb fag
    As we've pruned some older members out, there's been cleared room for the new members!   The recruitment will take place the 8th of April, 18:00 ingame time.   Admin messages will be made during days before ercruiment and a few minutes before the recruiment to give you furthe