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  • SAES / Bastage on GTA5!

    SAES / Bastage are playing on GTA5 and have open community groups for you to join!

    Bastage Network

    Want to play with people from SAES on games other than MTA? Then visit Bastage Network!

  • News

    Welcome, roleplayers!

    , posted by: Henry

    Hello! We have 2 great annoucement for the community of roleplayers of the server:  1.Fort Carson RP project We have been running this project for a while to test how it worked, now I'm gla…

    Promotions & Community Staff Recruitment

    , posted by: Shaun

    Hi All, On behalf of SAES HQ and the rest of the clan, I'd like to welcome the following as probationary SAES members: @Mohd @Piem11 @Nemesis. Obviously this leaves quite a gap in the staff…

    MTA Server Downtime - Monday 15th January.

    , posted by: Brophy

    All MTA servers currently being hosted by SAES will go down completely on Monday 15th of January at 8am GMT. We need to perform necessary updates/upgrades to the server…

  • Today's Birthdays

    1. -Alexander- (29 years old),
    2. .Solo (21 years old),
    3. Absent (17 years old),
    4. Adistar (22 years old),
    5. Aries (25 years old)