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  • SAES / Bastage on GTA5!

    SAES / Bastage are playing on GTA5 and have open community groups for you to join!

    Bastage Network

    Want to play with people from SAES on games other than MTA? Then visit Bastage Network!

  • News

    New SAHA Members

    , posted by: Shaun

    Hi! As mentioned previously, we planned to bring in another few SAHA members to fill in the gaps left by recent promotions.  As of yesterday, we invited @Tut Greco to the team, in addition …

    New Staff Members

    , posted by: Shaun

    Evening all, Thank you to those who expressed an interest in joining the Community Staff team this time around. After some discussion, we have come to the decision to accept the following appli…

    Change your password ASAP

    , posted by: NanoBob

    Sadly I have to inform you all that all ouf our ingame resources, and our database of the current ingame server has been leaked. We are currently investigating the source of this leak, and will do …

  • Today's Birthdays

    1. avanger (17 years old),
    2. BigSmoke~ ,
    3. Dimebag (21 years old),
    4. emre8136 (20 years old),
    5. Expert. (18 years old)