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  • New high-speed Police vehicles!

    , posted by: Bone
    We have added a new high-speed police vehicle for the law-enforcements to use. Finally its time to keep up with the speed of a Super-GT (without v8)!So what are you waiting for..... head over ingame to check it out!!!11 This also means little changes in Official Squad requirements and rewards.

    SAES on Discord

    , posted by: Vinnie
    For those who still don't know, we have been on Discord for a while. While it's not mandatory to switch to Discord from IRC/Teamspeak it is recommended to use Discord as well.   From Blades post: Discord is all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's completely free, secure a

    Elections back!

    , posted by: Henry
    Remember this system is still being worked on, therefore there might be changes to adapt the current level of gameplay and make the Government more enjoyable. Elections are taking place the Monday 20th of February unless any action is taken against it. Revolutions, coups and assasinations ar

    Freshmens in GM

    , posted by: Bone
    We welcome @Ardron and @Angelo. aboard the GM train. Also @Ardron and @Angelo. got their own speciallity wich is cleaning the toilet with their own toothbrushes please spam them with question regarding Toilet(~)Cleaning - Gm management

    Meet the new Government

    , posted by: Henry
    Tired of driving around? Feel like a potential Donald Trump or maybe an Adolfollower? This is your chance to show your creativity.  With the community support we hope to bring the fun back with activities and roleplays and Government couldn't be left to a side in this project. Until now Gov