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SAES / Bastage are playing on GTA5 and have open community groups for you to join!

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Massive thanks for keeping us alive.
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Latest News

Customised skins for organisations are here!

Aug 28 2015 07:38 PM

Like the topic title says, custom skins for organisations are here! Reason why it wasn't in the 1.4 changelog or in the update yet is because things are not a 100% decided upon yet, but they will arrive soon for organisations as a reward. The rewards will be as follows*Level 2 - A total of 1 custom skin(s)Level 3 - A total of 1 custom skin(s)**L...

Desert Eagles--Recruitment

Aug 28 2015 09:30 AM

    "Don't you forget that you're a DE member ! Not all the  cuban communists in Hell can overrun you!"   -- Major General Bmaster , erskin in reference to the Battle Of Las Venturas.     After discussing it with the rest of the Desert Eagles command[DEHQ] , it has been decided that the Desert Eagles will be lookin...

Website Upgrade!

Aug 22 2015 09:07 AM

Hi Pals, Just giving you a heads up. We will be upgrading the site to IPS 4.0 in the next few days, however the upgrade could take a while due to the size of the database and content and you could possibly be without a site for 24 hours. We currently have a test environment setup in which the upgrade completed successfully, however we will be cr...

San Andreas Interceptors Live Recruitment Announcement

Aug 15 2015 07:05 PM

    SAi Recruitment Information Topic   Where: SAi Headquarters. Time: 18:00 Servertime Date: Sunday, 23 August 2015   Requirements:     -   In order to participate you must come spawned either as PC or as trainee; -   Basic Common Sense. - TIME AND DATE might suffer minor changes, so make sure to c...

From India with love

Aug 11 2015 07:55 PM

  Our friends from India have sent us a video to celebrate our leader,  Brophy!