SAES Vice City - Beta Test #4 - Thank you.

Jan 21, posted by:
I would like to thank everyone who donated and participated in this test. Although it has taken longer than anticipated, we are edging closer to a public release of the server. The test was a success and we managed to get cops vs robbers going and the other 'saes' resources we have taken from our main server were running fine on the VC server (apart from a few tweaks to things such as positions, r...

SAES Vice City - Beta Test #4

Jan 20, posted by:
Hi Guys, There will be another beta test tonight (Sunday 20th Jan). This test will be starting between 7pm and 8pm GMT and it will be focused on the secondary parts of the server such as Bank Robs, Store Robs and Criminals selling stuff.. Hope to see you there!

Bug Tracker Moved

Jan 15, posted by:
As you know, the current bug tracker is dated and is on its last legs. Therefore we have created dummy repos on GitHub to manage our issues. The three dummy repos can be found here: @Kain has ...

Use of Trainers

Jan 2, posted by:
Unfortunately not a positive post time however it's come to our attention that a small number of individuals within the community have been using trainers in order to assist their gangs in keypad cracking. Upon discovery of this we have updated our AntiCheat system today in order to prevent this from being able to occur again. In response to this, due to BRing being a gang activity, we have decide...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Dec 25, posted by:
alt text Just a quick Merry Christmas/Happy holidays from all of us here at SAES! We thank you all for spending the year with us and hopefully you'll stay with us again for another long year throughout 2019. Also a small christmas competition created by ...

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