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  • Trucking Update!!

    , posted by: Kain
    First things first, we've finally revamped and improved the Trucker spawn with Trucker v2. - Original Trucker has been removed - Money has been altered to range from 15ishk with 0 deliveries to 45ishk when fully maximised. (300 deliveries). With levels inbetween ofc.  - Trai

    Website Fixes

    , posted by: Brophy
    Hi Guys, Just a quick one, Email verification and the site's search engine is now back online. If you are using a service provided by microsoft, it will take a while for them to update their records, as at the moment they are blocked.

    New SAHA member

    , posted by: Kain
    Just a quick one,    Congratulations to Human who has been selected to join the SAHA staff. Discussions are still consistently going on so he may not necessarily be the only one ;)   In addition to Human, we've chosen Mohd and PieM to help out with housing too from the

    New turfs & other small updates

    , posted by: Kain
    This is basically an all round dev post: -New turfs are here, post feedback below -Fixed money lag bug with casinos. Money will only be rewarded for your first attempt regardless of how many you get through lag you filthy little abusers. -Alcohol can now be sold via party anim

    Event Time!

    , posted by: Bone
    Its your chance now to win the one and only... CJ house   What do you have to do? Its simple all you have to do is make a picutre of yourself dressed up as your favorite GTA:SA character. For the people who are shy you can blackbar your face trough paint. There's no reason