May 9, posted by:
alt text Hey guys, just a quick one. We'd like to welcome @Terry as our latest addition to the community staff team, he's been working hard as SAHA for quite some time and has finally been proven w...

SAES:RPG Rules Update!

May 3, posted by:
Hey all, I have been working on updating the server rules over the last number of weeks and these are now live. Please familiarise yourself with them. @ESO has been working on getting the rules translated into every other major language. If you are able to assist with this in any way please reach out to him. For...

Use of exploits reminder

May 2, posted by:
Barely feels like much time has passed since I made a thread similar to this a while ago but apparently some individuals never learn. Anyways, over the past few days a few clan members have been conducting an investigation into a few cases of potential money exploits that have been taking place around the server due to some very niche yet major undetected bugs in certain server scripts. As many of...

Donation Vehicle Shaders!

Apr 30, posted by:
Later today, we will be pushing a change to the server which will allow you to add vehicle shaders to your donation vehicles. I'd like to thank @Mega9 for developing this new system. The prerequisites to gain a vehicle shader are:
  • You must already own a donation vehicle (if you don't, you need to donat...

SAES Elections 2019 - RESULTS!

Apr 7, posted by:
Hello one and all, As you are aware for the last 7 days we have run some very well organised elections on the server which everyone has got on board with. These have run without fault and have run very efficiently, for that we must give due credit to @NanoBob . Also credit to my fellow non-RP Government Leadershi...