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  • Updates to the spawnscreen

    , posted by: Tombaa

    With the updates as of late, we felt like the old spawn screen just didn't do justice to the SAES we're trying to build, so we've gone and updated it to a newer and much more sexier looking one.

    Thanks to @Arse for the design & coding of the spawnscreen, and @Mega9 for the adaptation and making it work for the current version!

    On behalf of the SAES HQ and the clan itself, let me present to you a screen that wont do justice to it, but I'll do it anyways.


    Fellow Frenchmen

    , posted by: Lance


    Thoughts go out to those affected in the terrible events in France.

    That's all.

    - SAES

    Support Minions

    , posted by: Chew Kok

    We have now enabled live support on our system which can be requested under "More" menu or on the bottom of the page.

    This live support chat should only be used if you need support of an administrator and not for simple things.

    If the system is offline while you trying to connect to it, that means none of our minions are currently working on the chat.

    Cinema design competition

    , posted by: NanoBob

    Alright ladies and gentlemen, we have noticed that some of the posters in the LS cinema are a little outdated Therefore we are looking for some replacements.

    The ones that require replacing are the following:

    • The avengers
    • Terminator Genisys
    • Jurrasic world

    There are no exact file sizes available but you can use the current files for reference: https://www.dropbox.com/s/shc50kfumqvb1qi/images.zip?dl=0

    Please be creative in designing your poster and if your poster is to win it will be displayed in the cinema, and you will get a $5.000.000 reward.

    It's time to go trick or treating

    , posted by: Mega9

    Halloween is at our doorstep, and so is ingame! Spawn Los Santos > Civilian > Hobo & head out trick or treating as a pumpkinhead for limited time!