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  • Leaked intel from the CIA

    , posted by: Maryondo
    Ex-Intelligence worker Eddi Rainden has once again leaked some serious documents from the CIA:       What is this all about? And why haven't the elections been announcent yet?

    Let's put some shaders up!

    , posted by: Lance
    So i wanted to get the community involved. If you're interested in shaping the overall design of SA enviroment we urge you to help us. Only thing you need to do is use Nanobobs shader tool;    And then start replacing billboards or anything you like in SA! When you're done,

    Races are fixed

    , posted by: NanoBob
    Street races are back, Woo!

    Ten new REDD recruits

    , posted by: Lance
    Welcome to our ten new REDD recruits. Thanks for the recruitment, it was a blast. - Lance

    Welcome aboard the GM team!

    , posted by: Bone
    We welcome @ESO inside the Gang Management team! Feel free to spam his inbox with questions about your G/S/C/G also he's a live wikipedia based on camel anatomy knowledge.   Also @ESO will be doing a contest of best drawn skills! Here's your plain example winner gets $10,00