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  • Changes to management

    , posted by: Lance
    Hello guys! It's been a while since we've shaken things up... It's always refreshing to shake things up a bit. We in HQ have been discussing our activity carefully and felt like we could do better. Sometimes we have no real connections to the decisions being made in the server and no re

    The Cuban Embassy is here - Apply now!

    , posted by: _Jay
    After a long meeting with the Cuban Government officials, the leaders of Cuba have decided to tip their toes back into San Andreas, believing that the country is safe enough for the Cuban Ambassador and government officials to arrive to San Fierro. The Cuban Government has sent an a

    Unrestricted Area has returned

    , posted by: Bone
    Some of you might remember the Unrestricted Area by GaG  . The project got on pause due to an expensive entry fee. Last month we been working on reviving the project and we succeeded! Its still in a monitoring period so new updates related to the "Unrestricted Area" will be added through

    Desert Eagles ~ Recruiment 2016!

    , posted by: Bunny.
    Desert Eagles Recruitment It is time to get new recruits into our forces! The recruitment will be taking place on Saturday the 7th of May, 2016 at:12:00 and 18:00 server time. Check server time in game, it is GTA time Now if you're not able to come to these recruiments for PROPER

    Cuban Liberation Organisation Presents: Gang Wars (26.03.2016 19:00 GMT)

    , posted by: Bone
    All in all, we, the Cuban Liberation Organization, have decided to host another gang war tournament for the gangs, companies, and yes, even squads for a chance for them to prove that they are the best of the best and to get the bragging rights of the being the top gang in SAE