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  • SAPA's Offical Wrap

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    Vehicle ID:


    Wrap access:

    San Andreas Police Academy

    Gang Panel name: Police_Academy

    It can be uploaded as; gang_sapa

    Type of wrap:





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    Wrap access:

    SAPA Members

    what is your squad abbreviation? it should be visible in your gang panel, e.g. SAFD for san andreas fire department

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    I was about to add it June 8 (1 day after you requested it) but upon adding it to the script I wasn't sure what the gang panel was called. As you hadn't added it I couldn't add it that day. I forgot to include it in last batch of wraps though


    1 hour ago, Phrost said:

    It's been 27 days since we requested this wrap.

    Nope, it's only been 10 days, 9 days when considering you did not follow the correct requesting procedure. However, like I said I forgot to include it in yesterday's batch. It would have otherwise been added that day

    Edited by Tut
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    The Squad Official Wrap is a reward granted to us, not a donation. The forum doesn't specify where to request these wraps. Therefore, we logically assumed we should make our request through the "Gang Management" section rather than the "Donation Wraps" page. Thanks.
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