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  • kira costum wrap

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    Vehicle ID:

    411 - 560

    Wrap access:


    Type of wrap:

    Custom (£10, can follow a template)

    Standard (£5, cannot follow a template, ideal for patterns)

    Thread for reward change:


    Wrap image:

    infernus - 411



    560 sultan 



    Translations: (if custom wrap)

    If the wrap contains language not readable in English, please add translations here, with reference to which part of the vehicle it's painted on. You must show the FOREIGN and ENGLISH versions in plain text.

    User Feedback

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    I can see you updated the wraps with 502x502 dimensions, instead of 512x512. I have gone ahead and fixed that as you've already been waiting a while on us, but for future uploads I would appreciate that they are of correct image dimensions

    On their way as kira12345_8kira12345_9

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