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  • Curvy's shader request

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    Vehicle ID:

    'Banshee' 429 

    Wrap access:


    Type of wrap:


    Thread for reward change:

    Wrap image:



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    as you're being a nuisance in discord I'll give this an extra week, for future reference we tend to reply only 1 time to wrap requests and that is to let people know their wrap is on its way with a custom name, but as you failed to follow the wrap requesting rules outlined here it requires me to invest extra time on your ticket - something that I have not had until today, which unfortunately I will have to spend on helping you understand how things work, rather than honoring your request

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    Don't be lame I only tagged you a couple times because you took forever to deal with it when you usually get it sorted the same day or the day after. 

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    3 times with the 3rd being "whats taking so long bro" when it's only been 48 hours since the last reply, I'll be locking this for the remainder of the 7 days

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