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The Leader of the Waffen SS, to all the copycats !


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I had a dream, being the leader of one of the most powerful and the only armed wing of the Nazi Party's SS organisation, and I've been nominated by the fhrer @Bone so this is my speech to all the ennemies and the copycats of the SAES community and server.
"If we follow our enemies' propaganda, then I must say that is to be compared
with "Rejoicing towards Heaven, depressed until Death".
The slightest success anywhere, and they literally turn somersaults in joy.
They have already tried to destroy us, and then the page turns and again they are cast down
and depressed. I did not want to attack in the center, not only because Stalin
knew I would. I provide one such example. If you read the Russian telegrams
every day since June 22nd, they say the following each day: "Fighting of unimportant
character". Or maybe of important character. "We have shot down three times as many
German planes. The amount of sunken tonnage is already greater than the entire naval
tonnage, of all the German tonnage from before." They have so many of us missing that
this amounts to more divisions than we can ever muster. But, above all, they are always
fighting in the same place. "Here and there", they say modestly, "after fourteen days we have
evacuated the city." But, in general, since april 1st and even before that date they have been fighting in the same place, copying the same scripts. Always successful, we are constantly being beaten back. And in this continued retreat.
we have slowly come to the truth, most of SARS players were banned from saes
crowds yelling fick deine mutter
I should say that for our enemies, and not for your soldiers, that the speed at which our soldiers
have now traversed territory is gigantic. And what has transcribed this past year is vast and
historically unique. Now, I do not always do things just as others want them done. I consider
what the others probably believe and then do the opposite on principle. So, if I did not want to attack in the center, not only because Mr. Stalin probably believed I would, but because I didn't care about it at all. But I wanted to come to the Volga, to a specific place and a specific city. It happened to have Stalin's name, but that's not why I went there. It could have had another name.
But, now this is a very important point. Because from here comes 30 millions tons of traffic, including about 4 to 5 stolen scripts. From there the wheat pours in from these enormous territories of
the MTA servers and from the USA region then to be transported north.
A gigantic terminal is there and I wanted to take it. But, as you know, we are modest. That is to say that
we have it now. Only a few small pockets of resistance are left. Some would say "Why not fight onwards?" Because
I don't want a second Verdun! I would rather hold this with small combat patrols! Time
does not matter, no ships are coming up the Volga! That is the important point.
PS: all the speech was a mix of me and hitler <3

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