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Signatures have been enabled for Donators and full SAES members.

Signature Rules

  1. Only one image may be used in your signature.

  2. The length can be anything (within reason), but please remember that our forum will automatically shrink it to fit our theme and can distort your image.

  3. The height of your signature image must not be any bigger than 186px.

  4. The file size of the image you use should not exceed 500kB

  5. You are allowed two lines of actual text (not part of the image), that fit the length of the signature area, if your text gets word wrapped onto a second line, then that will also be classed as your second line of text.

  6. Signature should adhere to community guidelines.

If any changes to the above rules are made, then a reply will be added to this thread, so please keep an eye out for any changes.

Failure to adhere to the rules will result in the following:

  • First Offence: You will get asked to change it, if you don't, an admin will edit your signature to follow the rules.

  • Second Offence: An admin will disable your signature from being used.

If it seems a lot of people are ignoring or abusing the rules, then signatures will be disabled for everyone indefinitely, so please don't ruin it for everyone else.

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for those looking to reduce file sizing of your signature, photoshop has excellent export features for 8bit png IIRC, or alternatively use tinypng site, to add a lossless? compression to your image.

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