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[TUTORIAL] How to unimpound your vehicle


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Dear citizens of San Andreas,


It has come to our attention that several civilians are not aware of how the impounding system works.
In this topic we, the Cuban Cars Management, will teach you how to unimpound your vehicle.



Has your vehicle been impounded? How do you know?
As soon as the vehicle gets impounded, you will receive a message on the top of your screen.
alt text
It will show you exactly which vehicle has been impounded and in which city. In this case, my NRG-500 has been impounded in Las Venturas.



If you're not online or not paying attention to the game, and your vehicle has been impounded, you will notice this in your safedisk.
When you open the disk, the vehicle will have status 'impounded' and you will not be able to respawn it:
alt text
To figure out where your vehicle has been impounded you will need to try to park it. It will give you an error message which includes the city where your vehicle has been impounded.
alt text



You now have all information you need. Whilst heading towards the Impound station, stop by an ATM and get yourself $50,000. That is the fee you have to pay to get your vehicle back.



How do I unimpound my vehicle without a Cuban Cars Impounder?
Several civilians think the only way to get your vehicle out is by asking a Cuban Cars Impounder, this is not right.
You can get your vehicle out by simple entering the vehicle. This is how it works.




    Head towards the Impound station in question, and go search your vehicle.
    alt text


    Try to enter your vehicle by either pressing 'F' or 'G', you should receive this screen:
    alt text


    Press confirm, pay the $50,000 fee and enjoy your vehicle again!




How do I unimpound my vehicle for a lower price?
In Cuban Cars we are happy to provide you a cheaper and faster unimpounding service. When your vehicle has been impounded, you can always reach out for an Impounder and ask him to unimpound your vehicle. He will tell you the price you have to pay. The most common asked price is $30,000, but this can depend on the situation.
Our Cuban Cars Impounders are very trusted and are expected to deliver a good service for the civilians. If you have any problems regarding unimpounding, you are free to PM any of the HQ's.


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