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Greetings fellas,

A lot of people want to request races so I'll give you guys the template we use to store the races:

    [1] = { -- Tierra Robada to Bone Country
id = 1,
name = "[Player Requested] Tierra Robada to BC ( Jaimy )",
startPosition = {x = -1467.1713867188, y = 1846.8687744141, z = 32.8484},
finishPosition = {x = -137.06509399414, y = 1891.2711181641, z = 16.5016},

You won't have to edit the id and the integer in the [ and ] brackets.
So simply edit the name and the positions, the decimals at coords preferbly in this format: 0000.0000

As people were wondering you won't have to make checkpoints. Just the start and the end position, it will calculate the checkpoints itself.

You can send the races over to Joeneter10#4697 on discord.

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