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Outbreak Organization - Announcements


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Good day fellas,

HQ Team has decided to give an opportunity to those who are interested in joining the organization, So therefore the RERUITMENT IS OPEN, make sure to follow each rule before making your application topic You can find the needed information here: ~[https://saesrpg.uk/topic/10305/outbreak-organization-application-format]~(red) , don't rush it and please keep the application clean.

Good luck everyone!

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Dear applicants we've decided to modify the requirements a little bit due to the confusion generated by the unclear information, so please read these requirements and don't forget to ask if you have a doubt.

Requirements to apply for Outbreak

  • The applicant must be +16 years old.

  • Not being part of a gang isn't an obstacle as long as the applicant is not part of a squad.

  • The applicant must have at least 1 year experience in SAES:RPG

  • The applicant must do activities while trying to join the organization, such as Jailbreaks, Events, Roleplays and post them on their Topic by editing the application

Here's the application information as well, make sure to read every single sentence before applying.

Application Information:

  • First of you need to create a topic in the link below:

  • The Title will go like this: [Outbreak Application] Name (Failing to this will guide you to an insta denied).

  • Please don't spam your application topic, edit if you have to, otherwise you will be denied.

  • Post activity while you have your application open/pending.

  • Last but not least, we take into consideration your application look, so make a proper and clean application.

Just in case here's the application format:

~[Remember to edit the post instead of posting every single activity you do, otherwise you will be denied.]~(red)


~[-Section 1-]~(#511B1B)

  • Username:

  • Real Name:

  • In-game Nick :

  • Nationality:

  • Country of residence:

  • Age:

  • English proficiency:

  • Other Languages:

~[-Section 2-]~(#511B1B)

  • Why do you want to join us?:

  • Why should we take you into consideration, and what can you offer?:

  • Do you know anyone inside the organization?

  • How long you been playing in SAES?:

  • Have you ever been banned? If yes, Explain why:

  • Current gang membership:

  • Current group membership(s):

~[-Section 3-]~(#511B1B)

  • Write a roleplay story regarding Jail/Criminal activity, no less than 100 words:

  • Something about you, no less than 100 words:

~[-Section 4-]~(#511B1B)

  • Activities


Activity #:
Date of Activity:


You can find everything in our topic.

~[OB HQ Team]~(511b1b)

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Hello there friends! From now on November 27th / 2019 until December 11th / 2019 , Outbreak organization will be hosting its seasonal recruitment. Hence, everyone interested in being part of this beloved family, you're free to click in here , and create your own topic following the application format. Make sure to read everything and show us how interested you are in order to be part of our lines!

Make sure to read our announcements channel in our discord server and stay tuned for any news in there!

OB HQ Team

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Hello there guys,

We've decided to create a topic full of our HQ management duties in order for you guys to have a strong relation with our HQs and a better understanding of how we lead the group. Please check the topic in order to fully understand and check yourself our duties and jobs.

Here's the topic: ~[https://saesrpg.uk/topic/16107/outbreak-organization-hq-duties]~(511B1B )

Outbreak Leader]~(511B1B )

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