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^[~[The San Andreas Royalists]~(blueviolet)]

^["Sive mors Gloria"]

^[Death or Glory]

^[San Andreas is a blackhole of misery and despair. In this dire time, we need a party that can push the boundaries further. TSAR is the party to restore not only growth and development, but to also renew the war against terror and lawlessness.]
^[~[Vote for TSAR to help restore San Andreas to its former glory.]~(blueviolet)]
^[~[Voting for those who have no real goal wont do anything we need action. Let us restore San Andreas back to its golden age.]~(red)]
^[TSAR is the only party to offer a real sense of direction. We are not led by a common thief and we are not a band of independent senators looking for personal gain.]


~[OUR ELECTORAL AIMS]~(blueviolet)

~[TO SECURE OVERALL CONTROL OF THE SENATE]~(red) With the country being entrusted within the hands of TSAR, we will be able to enact the sweeping reforms which are desperately needed.
~[TO RESTORE SAN ANDREAS TO THE BRITISH CROWN]~(red) The state of San Andreas will repledge its loyalty to the United Kingdom and her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. As a result, the government will be replaced by a colonial government, lead by a Viceroy and his cabinet. Titles will be offered to those who prove to be dedicated stewards to the government. There will be widespread changes in the military, policing and government organisations in order to accommodate these changes.
~[SAN ANDREAS LAND BANK]~(red) The Federal Reserve will be put to use with funds becoming available to senior organisations. Requests can be made to requisition funds to help support new endeavours and to pay workers ((groups with no sustainable form of income)).

~[OUR CANDIDATES]~(blueviolet)

President and Vice President: @IG8820 (Michael Payne) and @Scorpyo (Rakesh Gupta)
SF Central: @Niceez (Raymond Collins)
SF South: @Qweezy (Oliver Kent)
SF North/Bayside: @lil_borivoje (Delaval Astley)
Chilliad + Whetstone: @Makefoo (Harry Dalton)
Red County @JohnTurner (Devin Thorne)
Flint County @Lincoln (Edward Hudson)
LS West: @Ted (Alcott Cardwell)
LS Central: @Kleptix (Mike Hunt)
LS East: @N-FUN (Mike Litoris)
South Venturas: @Zeking (Bob Russel)
North Venturas: @Skerdi (Wayne Marshal)
Bone County: @Carter (Thomas Connor)
Tierra Robada: @JohnnyEnglish (Johnny English)

~[WISH TO JOIN TSAR?]~(blueviolet)


~[JOIN OUR DISCORD]~(blueviolet)


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