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Side' Application for ALT


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SECTION ONE- Information:

Ingame nickname: - Side

Ingame account name: - hoangtien

Age: - 16

Gender: - Male

Country of residence: - Vietnam

How well do you speak English?: - Learned at school, playing a game and watch movies, special is by communication with people.

Time playing GTA-SA: - 1 year 4 month

Time playing SAES:RPG: - 2 years

What can "you" bring to the company?: - I can bring you mine loyality and population to company it will help ALT grow up more than now.

Tell us a little about "yourself" in the server: - Funny and something have something call is quiet in me. I am friendly with everybody and already helping newbie know how to play. Working hard and yes i have get some rest in LV-x.

What's your current organization? and rank?: - N/A

Have you been ban/warned by any admin? If yes, explain why: - Once, warned by admin by dming one officicer, him arrested people are doing rp with me only with 2 stars and i angry kicks him by kungfu.

List any groups you are currently in: - N/A

List your strengths and weaknesses: -
Strengths : Roleplay, Driving, Patrolling and Arresting at cop.
Weaknesses : Confident, shooting, and time playing SAES:RPG not much.

What is your favorite part of the server: - Roleplaying and race event.

Which division do you wish to/will join once being a full member? I wish to be Repairing public vehicles

What do you expect from being in ALT? Improve more my roleplay skill.

Do you fully understand the server rules written in F1? Yes i understand.

Do you understand that having more than 1 account is a rulebreak?: - Before i didn't know it but now Yes i understand

Rate your driving skills on a scale from 1/10: - 7

Do you suffer from any emotional issues? (anger, bi-polar etc): - Is Confident count ? Yes.

SECTION TWO- Written & RP Exam:

If a ProCop Officer or SAI, flashes their light and sirens and you are wanted, what do you do?: - First of all i will go slow down and pull over on right side of road, get down and talking him with him nicely by request him bribe for me if him don't wan't i am ready to surrender for jail.

If you have a 1 star wanted level and a noob cop approaches you, what do you do?: - Try to tell with him is : Officer can we talk, bribe me please by do /officerbribe.

If you come across a player just standing around for no reason, what do you do?: - Maybe him is afk just leave him, if not i will try call him wake up!! And tell him it will be danger for us if you just standing around it might have traffic accident.

If you are given a message from an admin, what do you do?: - Answer the message from admin by say Hi, What i can help you.

If you are given a task by a higher member of your group, what do you do?: - Of course is perform mission has been delivered by a higher member and execute it successfully i will not make him down.

If you get Deathmatched (Dmed) will you go and kill the same person?: - No i will not going kill that person because it is Revenge Kill and it not allowed just leave him soon him get get punished for himself.

If you are are spawned as a cop and you come across a mass amount of players (more than 10, wanted and not wanted) what will you do?: - Say hi then ask them "Do you guys need bribe ?" if they said no i just go, i will have a deal with them and arrest later.

What does "RP" mean to you?: - It kind a you being a part of a story, movie, accident or more easy is you act it like real life but in game.

Do you understand that being apart of ALT is to refuel gas stations and that you are to refuel them every once in a while?: - Yes i understand.

What is your reason(s) for wanting to join All Load Trucking? (Minimum of 20 words): - Reason i want to join All Load Trucking is it a group make by the who i most respect is Tilong, i wan't be a part just small of him group and i will glad with it. And All Load Trucking have one best of roleplay is Repairing cars around San Andreas and Cleaning the road of damaged vehicles.


Explain in your own words: What does ALT rules #9 consist of? - It will make people thing you rude, everybody estrange with you and it not good to you special is playing in one of community.

Is it an ALT rulebreak to say you are a HQ while you are not? - Maybe.

Optional: Name some references. (Any ALT member that bought you to apply or might vote for you) MrTheBank

Post your app with a picture of a truck to be considered. (in a spoiler) https://imgur.com/4TZJCLn

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