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"SAFD ~ We fight what you fear!"

Hello fellas, we have decided to do live voting, which means after the recruitment was done, we did a small roleplay to make sure how are their skills, some of them unfortunately didn't succeded, and we wish them good luck. We hope you're going to succeed next time. On another note, I can say that the whole recruitment were organised by my own, and I do accept any objection. My members have shared their opinions, and there was some objections which we discussed and it's going to be improved in future. Live recruitment wasn't done years ago, and I'm honestly happy that we even tried and succeeded to complete it. I would like to thank @Sam-B for helping me during recruitment, without him we couldn't complete that.

However, I would like to thank everyone from SAFD who came there and helped during recruitment. They will be rewarded afterwards.

Also, our recruitment for now is closed. But it doesn't mean that you can't join SAFD. Being active in-game, doing activities and posting them in our public media archive, can help you to join us. Once again, I'm really sorry for those who didn't succeded at this time, and we really hope that you won't give up.

I would like to congratulate new firefighters (8):

  • @JohnnyEnglish

  • @Zei

  • @Tapi

  • @Stay

  • @TaJ

  • @Zombie

  • @Cappo

  • @Bidrift

We have chosen only those who we think they fit inside the group, and once again, we're sorry for others who didn't made it at this time! Better luck next time.

Some pictures during the recruitment, if you're interested to view them, you may find them below in spoiler -


SAFD Assistant Chief - Laza

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Live recruitments are always exciting events, they remind me of good old times back in 12/13 when almost every group used to hold one. I think that was how I joined my first ever official RP group back when I just started playing in 2012, via one of the live recruitments of SAFD, when it included various different tests such racing. I for one can say I did really enjoy being there at SAFD recruitment today, considering that the live recruitment of Desert Eagles which got me in back in 2014 was probably the last live recruitment I've taken a part of until today, and I can totally say that I missed the action! To be honest, what makes them that enjoying for me is that it happens in the game, makes much more difference than those so called 'roleplays' posted in media archives (aka taking screenshots simulator).

The first phase of the recruitment was very well organized and entertaining, dividing the participants to 3 groups and having 3 different RP stories led by a couple of SAFD members was a good idea and it worked out with almost no problems. However, I can't say the same for the second phase, as we went in the main dimension and when the head of the live recruitment (@Laza) got arrested, no one else knew what to do so it looked like to me that we just made a quick roadblock at LV-SF highway, threw some random objects which I struggled to understand the motive of, just to have RPed.

I know indeed it takes a huge effort to host one of these events as I experienced the same when I used to be the owner of Taxi El Centrino, and I thank each one of you who was there to help organize it. Overall, I think it was a good recruitment, and I hope you guys move on to hosting live recruitments more often, rather than letting people pretend posting RP scenarios -which most often doesn't happen- on forums with a bunch of screenshots.

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I definitly agree with @Terry . The first part was actually interesting, surprisingly I enjoyed the roleplay and having that much people around you, roleplaying seemed to be really fun and enjoyable. The seperating in 3 groups was good idea and the scenarios for the rps were great, once again, it was really fun.

Now, the waiting... Yeah, it didn't feel too good waiting that much, especially between the first and the second part, I guess voting took awhile, but it's alright, though the waiting is a thing that I do not like.

The second part seemed to be well planned with the building in the LVx, but when Laza got arrested pretty much everything got lost. Though, the thing with the ruined building was such a fresh and nice idea, I guess there were a couple of victims we had to save and to report the situation in the building, yet it kinda failed. Now, the last thing was really challenging, in the middle of the LV - SF highway, a couple of broken down 'machines' or whatever happened to be there... The objects were smoking, we had only that, so for each one of us it was really challenging to actually get to think of some fresh ideas, but it was for good.

Last words, once again, it was realy enjoyable and well done roleplay, I liked it and as Terry said, hopefully we'll get to roleplay more, because that kind of roleplays are really fun, especially when that much players are all around you, roleplaying and showing their best potential.

Thanks to the SAFD for hosting this recruitment, of course, there's a lot to improve, but that's good as long as the problems are detected.

Congrats to the new members of SAFD, hopefully we'll help out improving the group, getting out some fresh ideas for roleplaying and other useful additions to it...

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