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Donating 5 GBP gives you an access to the 'Donator' spawn ingame, though it lasts only for a month as far as I know, and expires the same day you donated next month. Plus you get a beta tester role on SAES' discord (which I think does not expire), that allows you to read the private channel where the beta testing session informations are shared so you get to test the features before it's live on main server.

For every 10 GBP donated, you get a locked (you choose wherever you want to park it, so it's different from safedisc vehicles) vehicle to yourself, and if you prefer to do so, you can also give an access of that vehicle to maximum of 3 friends of yours, so it's 4 people in total (you+3 friends).

For every 20 GBP donated, you get to have a 'small' interior at whatever property you want, alongside the regular rewards I've listed above. 30 GBP gives you medium interior, and 40 GBP gives you a choice of large interior.

Besides, you receive a cash reward of $100.000 for every 1 GBP you donate. Read this topic if you have any other questions regarding the donation rewards: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/325/donations-what-do-you-get

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@tadeucosta00 said in Donations:

@Terry but how much do I need to donate to get a shamal?

You get to choose whatever vehicle you want if you donate 10 GBP. So you can have a shamal for 10 GBP.

There are some limitations when it comes to some certain / emergency vehicles though, you should better read the link I've given you at the end of my first post.

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