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The Purge Film Trailer (By San Andreas Studios)


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Its Purge time guys !
Im really glad to announce that San Andreas Studios just started working on their first huge project which is called "The Purge Film" (SAES VERSION) . Here is The Purge's trailer video so you guys can tell and share your opinions with us about this idea . By the way guys , the full "Purge" film with all episodes will be posted this summer so stay tuned !
San Andreas Studios Official Topic : https://saesrpg.uk/topic/6109/san-andreas-studios/9
Notice : I want to thank SaS HQ Team for being brave enough to start a big project that needs too much working and focusing from them . San Andreas Studios HQ Team : @Karma , @GanJa , @Colo , @Scorpyo .

  • Story idea By : @Karma , @GanJa .

  • Producer(s) : @GanJa .

  • Actor(s) : @colo @Karma @Scorpyo @Garcia1999 @Flex @Staifi
    Film Trailer :


Best Regards ...
"San Andreas Studios" Vice Leader "Karma" .

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@Markus , @Lincoln , @JohnnyEnglish

Thank you very much guys and im glad to see that you liked our work . By the way , San Andreas Studios needs some new active Actors . If you interested in joinning any of SaS division and be a part of our film-works you can apply at this topic : https://saesrpg.uk/topic/6109/san-andreas-studios/9

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