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[Info] Server Commands & Buttons

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^[Server Commands & Buttons]


Here is a list of all the Server Commands & Buttons that can be done by Main Chat with a slash, or without a slash by opening the console by pressing [F8] on your keyboard.
If there are any commands missing, let me know by a comment below and I will update it.


  • Game Commands

  • Chat Related Commands

  • Key Commands

  • Police Commands & Buttons

  • Criminal Commands & Buttons

  • Animations

- Game Commands

Gang, Squad & Company panel : /gang or /squad
Group panel : /group
Get your position : /getpost <output x y z>
Get your serial (outputs in console) : /serial
Drop down with a rope from a helicopter : /helidrop
Open the hood of a vehicle : /hood
To start/shut the vehicle engine : /engine
Open the trunk of a vehicle : /trunk
To see vehicle health ( damage given in % at topbar ) : /vh
Left indicator : /leftlight
Right indicator : /rightlight
Warning indicator : /warninglight
To fix bugged guns : /gunfix
Locate a Player : /loc <playername>
To send a Player money : /give <playername> <amount> <reason>
ZIP / Worker Construction Panel : /construction
SAI & DE Construction Panel : /roadblock
SAFD Construction Panel : /safd
To grab a helicopter skid : /grab
To drop from a helicopter while using /grab : /drop
So view your stats : /stats
To see the United States Defence Condition level : /defcon
To see the United States Federal Reserve : /fr
Need help or want to report someone : /report
Network information such as ping etc... : /shownetstat (after opening hold left Ctrl for more information)
Hide/Show locationnames : /showlocations
Hide/Show normal HUD : /showhud
Hide/Show SAES HUD : /saeshud
Hide/Show chat : /showchat
Disconnect from the server : /disconnect
Reconnect to the server : /reconnect
Quit MTA : /quit
Need police? Call : /999 p
Need a medic? Call : /999 m
Need a fireman? Call : /999 f
Need a taxi? Call : /taxi
Need a limo driver? Call : /limo
Need a pilot? Call : /pilot
Need a prostitute? Call : /sex & /whore
Need a mechanic? Call : /mech
Change price as prostitute : /sexcost
To sell weapons, drugs, food, fighting skills, booze & dildos : /sell
To sell weapons per class : /sell / sellarm
To sell drugs per class : /sell & /selldrug
To sell food per class : /sell & /sellfood
To sell fighting skills per class : /sell & /sellskill
To sell dildos per class : /sell & /sellsex
To sell booze per class : /sell & /sellbooze
To sell cigars (CLO restriction) : /sellcigar
Open event panel : /event
Open bind panel : /bpanel
Open bind pages : /bpage <name of page>
Reduce Jailtime : /sur
Need help? : /ask
Kick a player out of your vehicle : /eject <name of player or <all>
Create organisaton : /create <organisation name here>
Check available LWS members : /checklws
Organisation topbar notification : /gangsay
Group topbar notification : /groupsay <groupname>
Check username last login date : /seen <playername>
Want to advertise? : /ad
Want to drop ammo? (You won't be able to pick it up) : /dropammo <amount>
Stop animation : /stopanim
Old nametags : /oldnametags
Check if a SAHA Agent is available ingame : /checksaha
Donation Vehicle Manager : /dvm

- Chat Related Commands

Main Chat : T
Team Chat : Y
Local Chat : U
Local Chat Roleplay Chat : /me <message>
Local Chat Roleplay Chat : /do <message>
Class Chat : /class <message>
Gang, Squad & Company Chat : /cc <message>
Emergency Service Radio : /r <message>
Trucker Radio : /cb <message>
Air Traffic Radio : /atc <message>
Private Message a Player : /msg <full player name> <message>
Bind a key : /bind <key> <chatbox> <text>
Unbind a key : /unbind <key> <chatbox> <text>
Create a Party Chat : /createparty <partyname>
Invite a Player to Party Chat : /inviteplayer <name>
Kick a Player from Party Chat : /kickparty <playername>
Party Chat : /party <message>
Party Chat info (output in console) : /chatinfo
Leave Party Chat : /leavechat
Head Movement On/Off : /headmove
Manual Gearbox : /manual (+ to shift up & - to shift down)
Ignore a player : /ignore <playername>

- Key Commands

Open SAESpad : M
Vehicle Lights On/Off : L
Taxi Lights On/Off : K
Emergency Sirens (TAP) : H
Emergency Vehicle Sirens Loud/Silent : J
Helicopter light : H
Helicopter camera : Space
Horn : H
Vehicle trunk features : AltGr
Server Information Panel : F1
User Control Panel : F2
Server Select : F7
Console : F8
Shader Switch On/Off : F9
Map : F11
Screenshot : F12
Glue yourself to specific cars : X

- Police Commands & Buttons

Offer a Bribe : /offerbribe
Place Small Barrier as Police : /barrier
Voice panel On/Off (Emergency Services) : /voice
Emergency Service Radio : /r <message>
Police Panel : K
Deploy speedtrap: /strap /speedtrap
Deploy stingers : /deploystingers
Remove stingers : /removestingers
Open Speedcam : /speedtrap
Custom walkstyle when able : /togglewalk

- Criminal Commands & Buttons

To start a turfwar : /war
Custom walkstyle when able : /togglewalk

- Animations

Dance : /dance 1-10
Strip : /strip 1-14
Stop animation : /stopanim
Wank command : /wank
Hands up : /handsup
Be drunk : /drunk
Lay down : /lay
Take a leak : /piss
Wave : /wave
Sit down : /sit
Scratch your balls : /scratch
Drink : /drink
Slap some ass : /slapass
Lean against a wall : /lean
Bathe : /bathe 1-5
Tired : /tired
Talk on phone : /phone
Cower : /cower
Do Tai Chi : /taichi 1-3
Smoke crack : /crack
Kiss : /kiss 1-6
Eat : /eat 1-3
Vomit : /vomit
Mourn : /mourn
Pray : /pray
Sleep : /sleep
Wash : /wash
Write : /write
Talk : /talk
Rap : /rap
Pay : /pay
CPR : /cpr
Laugh : /laugh
Fuck you : /fu
Celebrate : /win
Get in the way : /block
Annoyed : /get
Think : /think
Want to be a tree? : /plant
Hand over cash : /change
Gangsta Handshake : /shake 1-8
Gangsta Talk : /gtalk 1-8
Make funny faces : /face 1-10
Look around : /look
Cry : /cry
Boxing Practice : /boxprac
Direct traffic Stop : /trafstop
Direct traffic Come : /trafcome
Direct traffic away : /trafaway
Direct traffic left : /trafleft
Facial Expressions : /expression 1-5
Check the ground : /touch
Too Drunk : /wasted
Headbang : /bang
Order a bottle : /order
Take bottle from under counter : /tbott
Put bottle on counter : /gbott
Listen to order : /torder
Drop a flag : /flag
Start chatting with driver : /chtin
Chat with driver : /chtlp
Stop chatting with driver : /chtout
Start browsing folders : /brwsin
Keep on browsing : /brws
Nod browse : /brwsnod
Shake browse : /brwsshk
Stop browsing : /brwsout
Check time : /tme
Kick : /kck
Bash : /bash
Swipe a keycard : /swipe
Sit like SAES>Teddybear : /teddy
Hitch a ride(rightside) : /hiker
Hitch a ride(leftside) : /hikel
Shout : /shout
Take out phone : /phonein
Chat on phone : /phone
Put away phone : /phoneout
Come at me brah : /comeatme
Cheer : /woo
Shove it up yours : /upyours
SWAT Stay : /asty
SWAT Go : /ago
Injured : /injured
Idle at the Bar : /baridle
Kiss your Weapon : /kisswep
Sit like SAES>Rennie : /rennie
Pose for a Photo : /pose 1-5
Look Closer Forwards : /lookf
Look Closer Backwards : /lookb
Be Really Tired : /rlytired
Do some Yoga : /yoga 1-7
Tired after Yoga : /ygatired
Slap some Hoes : /hoe 1-7
Dance by Yourself : /danceidle
Holla at your fellow African American Friends : /holla 1-3
Severly Injured : /svrinjured
Look Around : /lookarnd
Look Up : /lookup
Panic : /panic
Dude! You stink! : /stink
Point up at the Sky : /pointup
Point in a direction : /point
Stand like Bartman : /bartman
Relax Yourself : /relax

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