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"Requesting a Judge" Concept


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I recently came out with the idea that when a wanted player has a 'X' of stars , from his place he should call a judge to do one of these 3 options :

  • reduce stars to 'X' stars for 'X' amount of money

  • remove stars from him for another amount of money

  • put him in the jail for 'X' time

Ok so how to do all of above

1- when a player want to call judge he should type /judge like ( /taxi /mech etc )
2- when judge come to him the judge should do /judgment like ( /sell and /offerbribe )
3- after opening a panel the player should choose one of 3 cards shown in the panel
4- If it was 'reduce stars' color for example green then they decide about x% of reducing stars for example :
a- 10% for 10k
b- 20% for 20k
etc ,,
5- if it was 'remove stars' color for example green the player should pay judge "X" of money
6- if it was 'jail' color for example red the player will be putted in the jail for "X" time based on how many star do he have and the judge will take a little amount of money

card color will be randomly , the judge and this player can't decide what the card will be .

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