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NanoBob's Shader Tool


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A little while ago GM announced a new set of rules, which included it's now allowed to use shaders in your mapping files. I've spent a couple hours creating a tool to create these shaders. The tool can be download here. The downloaded file includes both an installer and a readme file for installation instructions, and usage instructions.

So without further ado, here's a very simple example of a shader:


alt text


alt text

Additional information:

To get images:


We'll take the sav wall as example

Find the object id : 16500 and search in that website it will spits out some results and you pick the one you need.

Click the objects and it shows more details

alt text

Then you are able to view what the current texture files are by pressing

alt text

a new window will open and shows every texture included.

but all we need is drvin_back

alt text

Save the image to a random folder and load it into photoshop and enjoy shadering

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