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Restriction to X glue means restriction to conversation.


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So I've heard about SAES members' decision about removing using X glue on each vehicle since it is unrealistic and so on. I would like to keep it as short as possible. I am one of the relative older members of the server who was finding the most fun in here at random chats and hang arounds and I am goddamn sure that there are many players like this around. With time passing and players evolving the old sweet roleplay format turned into something like cop vs crim and the only runaway I can find in this chaos is to talk to as many players as possible. Of course most of the time we are driving around while we are chatting. We've lost many precious fragments of the server already. Knowing new people and finding joy in conversations is something which reminds the old RP to many of us and vehicle is and will be the unevitable place for it. Please just don't take this last joy from us chat lovers. (Since these talks are mostly occuring randomly PLEASE don't come up with the arguments like "you can still glue on vehicles like ...") I'm inviting everyone to have some common sense on this matter. Thank you.

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I'm not going to use the "you can still glue on vehicles like ..." argument because I'm pretty sure you know which vehicles still have glue on. I'm, however, going to ask you why don't you just use them for your random chats? (not being sarcastic) Just add a V8 on those vehicles and they'll be as fast as a SGT, even tho you shouldn't be driving that fast while writing. (being sarcastic)

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