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SAES Vice City - Beta Test #4 - Thank you.


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I would like to thank everyone who donated and participated in this test.

Although it has taken longer than anticipated, we are edging closer to a public release of the server.

The test was a success and we managed to get cops vs robbers going and the other 'saes' resources we have taken from our main server were running fine on the VC server (apart from a few tweaks to things such as positions, rotations).

We have now setup a GitHub repo for people to post issues of what they found wrong during the beta tests, so if you found an issue and it's not already been reported, please post it here: https://github.com/saesrpg/vice-city/issues

If you feel like the issue shouldnt be general knowledge (such as an exploit etc) please PM me or any of the SAES dev team on Discord.

The frequency of the tests may increase now we are nearly at the finish line, allowing you to post more issues onto the tracker for us to fix before general release.

Cheers and hope to see you at the next test soon!

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