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Looking for Skin mod Prize will be 10.000.000$$


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Hello everyone i am looking for someone who can mod for our biker group .
~[Prize will be 10.000.000$$]~(blueviolet,blueviolet,blueviolet,blueviolet,blueviolet,blueviolet,blueviolet,blueviolet,blueviolet,blueviolet,blueviolet,blueviolet,blueviolet,blueviolet) . If any of you interested please let me know

Hell Hounds MC Topic; https://saesrpg.uk/topic/5358/hell-hounds-motorcycle-club
To contact me ; https://discord.gg/VYqSawb

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hello tut we would like to add kinda like this but moded one, as you can see his hoode its like grey white and black colors and you add purple instead of white. Also this is our logo add our logo to his jacket behind and front others up to you man, Thank you

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