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Discord Servers - Updated Version [09/2023]

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Welcome to the Discord list of all the organizations on this server. You can find all the invite links provided below. If you come across a new Discord server or an expired invite link, please leave a message on Discord to wendo21 .


What is discord? For those who are unfamiliar with Discord

Discord is a popular communication platform designed for gamers. It provides voice and text chat features that allow gamers to communicate with each other while playing their favorite games. It is available for free and can be used on all platforms including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Discord can be thought of as a combination of Team Speak 3 and IRC. It provides the ease of use and voice chat capabilities of Team Speak 3, while also offering the text chat features of IRC. Additionally, Discord can be accessed through a web browser, which eliminates the need to download and install a desktop or smartphone application.

If you are interested in learning more about Discord and its features, you can visit their website at https://discordapp.com/. The website provides a wealth of information about the application, including tutorials, FAQs, and support forums.


Below are the primary Discord servers revolving around SAES and Multi Theft Auto.
SAES: Click here!
Multi Theft Auto: Click here!
SAES Gang Management - Click here!
SAES Group Management - Click here!


Discords used by SAES Organizations

Official Gangs

[AA] Arms Assasins - Click here!

[B~B] Black Bullets - Click here!

[CDC] Comando da Capital - Click here!

O| The Outfit - Click here!

[Rogue] Rogue 21 - Click here!

[ThC] The Company - Click here!

[UE] Underground Empire - Click here!

[VvZ] Vory v Zakone - Click here!

Z| Organization Zero - Click here!

CripZ> CripZ - Click here!

Killing Joke - Click here!

Non-official Gangs



Official Squads

SAES Squads - Click here!

[SWAT] Special Weapons and Tactics - Click here!

[FBI] Federal Bureau of Investigation - Click here!

[PARS] Precision Assault Reconnaissance Squad - Click here!

SAFP| San Andreas Federal Police - Click here!

Non-official Squads



Official Criminal groups

[CLO] Cuban Liberation Organisation - Click here!

[OB] Outbreak Organization - Click here!


Non-official Criminal groups

[POSA] Pirates of San Andreas - Click here!

[R~B] Road Bandits - Click here!


Official Civilian groups

[ALT] All Load Trucking - Click here!

[CC] Cuban Cars - Click here!

[CS] Cunning Stunts - Click here!

[GXT] Global Express Trucking Company - Click here!

[LWS] Lightning World Sports - Click here!

[Lounge] Lounge Venture Capital - Click here!

[rTech] raceTECH - Click here!

[RadioSA] Radio San Andreas - Click here!

[SAFD] San Andreas Fire Department - Click here!

[SAM] San Andreas Medics - Click here!

[SaS] San Andreas Studios - Click here!

[TMH] The Motor Heads - Click here!

[ZIP] ZIP Planning and Construction - Click here!

[BRINKS] BRINKS - Click here!

[SATS] San Andreas Transportation Services INC. - Click here!

Non-official Civilian groups

[GGMC] Gear Grinders MC - Click here!


Official Policing

Government - Click here!

Secret Service - classified.

[DE] Desert Eagles - Click here!

[SAI] San Andreas Interceptors - Click here!

[SAPD] PC Qualified Officers - Click here!


Non-official Policing

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