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Christmas Raffle & Stats Rewards


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During the month of December, we will be keeping an eye on numerous statistics on both individuals and organisations and will be giving away in-game rewards and properties for those who top the list.

We will be looking at store robs, bank safes cracked, vips, arrests and more! See https://stats.saesrpg.uk/ for more ideas of what we might be tracking...

We will also be doing another raffle, this time for Blueberry Bank.

There is no minimum requirements to take part this time, you will get an entry for every second (literally) you played during the month.

This means the more you play the more entries you get. You do not need to be actively playing to be counted, just logged into your account and alive on the server. We will not be punishing people or not counting people for being afk.

P.S. Jetpacks have been re-added back for those with access to the donator spawn.

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