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SAFD Discord Channel:


About San Andreas Fire Department:

The San Andreas Fire Department is an emergency organisation existing of 3 county districts in Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro. We also have one more station in other town which is Bone County, everything has started at Bone County station. We're assigned by the San Andreas Government to take care of the civilian's safety and well being in terms of non-living treats. Long story short, we fight what you fear!

Do you have any questions about SAFD?

SA Fire Department :: Information Support [FAQ] (CLICK)

Where can I apply for SAFD?

SAFD Application Section (CLICK)

Where is SAFD Media Archive located?

SA Fire Department :: Media Archive (CLICK)


Chief - Laza
Assistant Chief - Yannick
Supervisor - Spanish

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Written by,
SAFD HQ Management.

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