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Bisollini's application for SAHA

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Your ingame username: alex0107
Your ingame alias: Bisollini
Your year of birth: 2007
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Bulgarian
Country of residence: Bulgaria

How long you have been playing SAES: I have been playing on SAES:RPG since 2017, that's when my journey began.

Qualities you can offer:

  • Maturity: Despite being one of the younger people pursuing an administrative career on the server, I consider myself to be mature enough for the task at hand. I have been a bit childish in the past but thanks to some friends who have guided me, I can see and learn from my mistakes and can say that I am a lot more mature than my past self.

  • Teamplayer: I am aware of my own capabilities and know full well that cooperating with my team, I can surpass my own abilities by leaps and bounds. I am good at receiving critique and learning from it and believe that I can prove myself to be a solid teamplayer.

  • Experienced player: I have been playing on the server for about 5 years now and have a good idea of how everything works, I am also in touch with most of the community and am known as someone who doesn't cause trouble.

  • Active player: I am quite active in the SAES community, as I'm still in high-school and have a ton of free time. After I'm done with my academics you can find me online on the server. I also keep a good track of everything on the forums and on the SAES discord.

  • Drive: I'm a man of my word and always complete the task assigned to me no matter what. I am sure that I will be able to finish any task assigned to me with colorful results for the betterment of the server.

  • Helpful nature: As an active player on the server I can't help but notice that there are quite a few players asking for guidance on the server at all times. I take it upon myself to help players such as this because I believe that spending my time to make the server a more awesome experience for someone else is totally worth it. Be it answering simple questions, complex ones or handholding a new player with the system, I am happy to do it all.

  • Quick learner: I believe myself to be quite a quick and adaptive learner, if given proper guidance I can learn new things rather easily. I am also a very meticulous person because I believe that spending a trivial amount of time rechecking my decisions is better than making incorrect ones.

  • Multilingual: I am from Bulgaria, but I can safely say that I am quite decent when it comes to proficiency in the English language. Apart from that I also am somewhat apt in Russian. As a side note I also have acquired quite a habit of typing swiftly which allows me to answer questions with lightning speed.

  • Administrative experience: Though it not being MTASA, I have some experience with moderating a community and a server. I was admin at a certain CS 1.6 server for quite a while a few years ago. I believe that this gave me important experience and management skills that are required for a position such as this.

Your weaknesses:

  • Temperamental: To my dismay, I start getting anxious and nervous if I am stressed greatly out of nowhere, it takes me some time to get my bearings and deal with the matters at hand.

  • Provocable: This has been a major issue for my past self, but I tend to be easily provoked and pulled into flaming arguments and the such and it brings out a negative side of me. However this is something I have worked to fix for a long time and believe that it shouldn't be much of a problem nowadays.

  • Academics Interference: As I am still in high-school and have time to play actively on the server, I have to drop everything and go into short phases of inactivity when I have exams or tests scheduled. After I am done with them, I return with max activity.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, I do. You can find me at Bisollini#8059.

Reason for application: As I have previously stated, I have a knack for answering questions and helping people, making the server a better experience for them. I am applying to become an SA Housing Agent because I believe that it is the correct start point for my SAES career as it leans one towards a direct position of helping others. Most of the time when I'm actively playing, I see players struggling to find a SAHA and I want to do more to help players like those. Being a SAHA Agent is a task which requires ultimate precision as you are handling the real estate of SAES and I want to demonstrate that I can handle a responsibility like this easily. Since I joined SAES in 2017, I have gained a lot from this server, such as friends, knowledge, advice, even chatting with other people here has helped me to develop my English which is something that helps me with my academics. As I enjoy helping out other players, I would appreciate it greatly if I had the capabilities to help those players in need of help regarding properties. I have gained a lot from the server and I enjoy my time playing on it, which is why I want to do my part towards betterment of the server and provide my activity in return, to make the SAES experience better. This server is the cornerstone of my gaming experience and I believe that getting the chance to do good for it will be an honor.

Server Memberships:

  • Hell Soldiers: OG

  • Lightning World Sports: Supervisor

  • San Andreas Interceptors: Trooper

  • raceTECH: Racer

  • Government: Department Leader of Urban Planning & Environment

Additional information: My name is Alex, and I'm from Bulgaria. I am a high-school student studying economics. In my free time I enjoy gaming and watching movies. Besides my primary language which is Bulgarian, I am quite proficient in the English language and can understand Russian up to a certain level. I am known to be a responsible and dependable person IRL and ingame by my peers and as someone who listens to reason. I am moderately adept at managing organizations and administrating communities in other games. I keep my problems to myself, usually and like helping other people.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I have received a few adminjails in the past for deathmatching, avoiding arrest and the such but recently I've maintained a clean record. I might have a handful of mutes here and there, though.
Previous (legitimate) bans: A 5 hour ban requested by Haveer, banned by Angelo. It was at the very beginning of my career and I wasn't very well versed with the rules. I did not handle the punishment well because I had been scammed by another player and I did not show respect to the staff member dealing with me.

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