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xBlue's Application for Community Staff

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Your ingame username: talking
Your ingame alias: xBlue
Your year of birth: 2003
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Emirati
Country of residence: United Arab Emirates

How long you have been playing SAES: I have been playing SAES since August of 2021.
Qualities you can offer: I am a kind and understanding person. I don't make quick decisions, I always confirm the situation before making one. Supporting people has been always my favorite activity to do in the server, and also outside the server. I am a hard working person, I like to complete tasks and offer my best to contribute to the community. I will try to make as many tutorials as possible and share them on the internet so everyone could benefit from these tutorials. I don't let my emotions interfere with my job, I always try to make the most correct decision. I have a lot of patience, even if someone was speaking rudely, I wouldn't mind that and I would continue explaining the thing that he wants help with. I am also active in the server but mostly in discord nowadays, which will help me to be available to help as many players as possible. I like to handle problems slowly and accurately, so that leaves a small room for wrong decisions to happen.
Your weaknesses: I started playing SAES recently. It is true, but I learned almost everything in the server in such a short period, because I was very active and I received a lot of support from my friends and gang mates. Learning the basics of the server wasn't hard, because I have been already playing MTA since 2012. Another thing is that I don't talk to people a lot unless they approach me or ask me for help, but I am still working and giving it my best to overcome this weakness, since it is very important to communicate and socialize with other people.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, xBlue#1111 if needed.

Reason for application: I would like to help as many players as I can. There are many new players that are joining this server as their first time, and they don't know much about the rules or how to start. It is important that everyone understands and respects the rules well, especially since it provides a huge amount of information regarding the roles and gameplay in SAES (F1), so there will be less rule breaks in the future. I have a lot of experience in administrating (around 4-5 years), and I know how to deal with people whenever needed. I also love to help people not only in game, but also outside the server (in discord), many people tend to ask questions there. Also, I want to help the community to become as big as possible, to make people really have fun while playing in the server together and hanging out with other players.

Server Memberships: Hell Soldiers, ZIP - Planning & Construction, raceTECH, LoungeVC, Global Express Trucking.

Additional information: Hello there, I am Nayef, 19 years old. I am from the United Arab Emirates. Currently, I am a university student in the United Arab Emirates, freshman. Computer science is my major, because I have been using the computer a lot since I was young, and that's why I love writing in the computer instead of writing on paper. I don't have many hobbies, but definitely one of them is playing video games, especially MTA:SA. I also like to play the piano from time to time. I don't know whether I can call this one a hobby, but I also like to play football sometimes with my friends. I have a youtube channel, and I post there videos of my gameplays in some games such as MTA, ARK, Rappelz and many different games that I find interesting.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: None
Previous (legitimate) bans: None

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