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Grg's Application For Community staff

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Your ingame username:georgesfounddead
Your ingame alias:Grg
Your year of birth:2006
Your gender:Male

Country of residence:Lebanon

How long you have been playing SAES: I play SAES since 20 august 2021
Qualities you can offer: Tbh i dont realy know wht i can help with but i can solve some problem with equality and fair terms and i dont realy trigger problems in the server
Your weaknesses: my english is not alot understadable but it get along with some people and i have a bit of low concentrate

Do you have Discord Installed: yes i do

Reason for application:After playing for like 8 month i guess and only me and my brother lebanese player why not apply

Server Memberships:
Medellin Cartel [gang]-Member
Cunning Stunts-Member

Additional information:Hey im georges im 16 year old and i live in capital city of lebanon beirut i do realy spend some time playing saes and ejoying it alot

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server:i remember getting many mutes back when i started and 1 from 1 month ago i guess

Previous (legitimate) bans: I never got banned

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Pretty poor application.

I would heavily recommend improving your English skills prior to the next recruitment as we do require staff that are highly proficient in English.

Best of luck for next time.

alt text

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