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Reporting Bazuka for stealing my Laptop


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Yesterday Bazuka asked me if he can come over to my house. He said in the whatsapp message that he wants to test my mouse before buying a new one.

I said sure. When he came over he first asked if I was home alone I said yes and he went to my room as I opened my laptop. After 5 minutes he said he had to go to the toilet. He stayed there for like 20mins and when he came out he said the toilet had problems.

When I went to check the toilet I saw there was something wrong with toiletpaper. I called my parents first about the toilet. After that I wanted to ask bazuka what crazy things he did on the toilet and he was gone, my laptop was gone all was done.

Now I hear he did some crazy stuff yesterday. I made a new forum account from my phone to check it around. I just want to warn all saes players for this psycho

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