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Beans Application for SAHA


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Your ingame username: wtfmen
Your ingame alias: Bean
Your year of birth: 21/08/2000
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Im Brasilian
Country of residence: I live in Brasil right now, where i born.

How long you have been playing SAES: I'm SAES player since 2018. I went inactive in the middle of 2019 for some familiars mistake and come back in 2020.
Qualities you can offer: I'm always online player in the game, I know im not older like alot peoples, but, being an active member I can be helping everyone of SAES.
Your weaknesses: My weaknesses is the english part.. it's not 10/10, I speak portuguese as my first language, but for real im always improving my english learning new words everytime.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes i have discord installed in computer, i doesn't have a cellphone.

Reason for application: Im applying because since I joined the server i felt familiarizated with SAHA team, im sure with me as membership i could help alot the players being always ready to solve any problems or sorting any requests they want! Im a loyal person and im always trying to be a authentic man in my actions.

Server Memberships:

Secret Service
ProCop Team
FBI Member
BRINKS Security

Additional information: Hello reader my name is Lucas and im 20 years old living and borned in Brasil, South America. Im a normal guy who dislike to fight with others and I take my life with calmly and patient. I'm not working right now since these times are hard for everyone and the situacions aren't the best in my country, but im trying to do my best keeping with my family everydays. I want to tell you all that in every day of my life im always learning and the way i want is to learn by the correct way, i dislike going by the wrong side of things, the life have to be seemed with good eyes always or we lost the control. I think thats all i have to talk in my applycation and I hope everyone likes it same as me that would be happy with SAES team.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Some months ago I got adminjailed because i let my computer opens and my brother was playing in my account, it was a mistake from my part, since i never let none using my account.

Previous (legitimate) bans: Honestly, yes! I created an account when my cousin was sleeping in my home and got banned by some admin i can't remember the name.. it was multiaccounting but the problem was solved in the same hour! Im being honest here because thats what a realman act, i don't want to lie about the past.

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Average application however I do agree that your biggest weakness is definitely your English skills. Get involved in #general on discord and communicate more with people around the server to try your best at improving your language skills for both next time and in general.

Best of luck!

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