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Zwolle's Application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: zwolee.
Your ingame alias: I am known as Zwolle in-game.
Your year of birth: I was born in 1999.
Your gender: Im a male

Nationality: Im Turkish
Country of residence: Im currently living in Istanbul, Turkey.

How long you have been playing SAES: Ive been playing in SAES for 9 years, I joined in 2012.

Qualities you can offer:Im a very experienced player who never stopped playing, which means Im familiar with the updated server rules and gameplay mechanics. I am a loyal and helpful person that does have plenty of patience, which can be very useful in certain situations. I believe both of these qualities cant always be found in one person and will surely make a difference when it comes to helping our players, I don't mind helping people and thats an additional quality I think everybody should have in such positions of power. Im obviously mature enough to handle the responsibility and shaping the minds and gameplay of our players.
I'm also an active player in the SAES community, both in-game and on the forums. Im known for being a good mapper in MTA and I can say Ive helped the server many times with such skills. Theres obviously more to come but I cant share many details, I can only say Im motivated to keep showing my work and Im very thankful for the trust youve put in me. I can map almost anything you ask and I can do it properly, Im obsessive when it comes to mapping and I always do the very best of my capabilities.

Your weaknesses: Im too friendly and perhaps some people dont deserve my friendship. I guess thats just the way life chooses to teach us better, its true when people say you learn with your mistakes and nobodys perfect, were not machines and humans have many flaws. I always doubt theres evil in people so I always show my friendly face, which people often abuse and disrespect, as soon as I feel betrayed or slightly disrespect I just try to protect myself and keep my divinity intact. Were obviously doomed to make mistakes when we make decisions hotheaded, Im no exception and when I see Ive been fooled I alwyas act on impulses, which sometimes end up offering more problems than solutions. I can say Im a work in progress, Im fully aware of my weakness and Im constantly trying to do better. I guess thats a life-long journey of selfrespect and education, and were all traveling the same paths. I dont think anyone wants to be remembered as a bad person, I strongly believe everybody need to acknowledge their weaknesses and work on those to become a better person.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, I do have Discord installed and I try to be very active in all the servers I join, SAES included.

Reason for application: Ive been playing for years and I feel like its time to share my knowledge, I know it can be done regardless of having access to an admin panel but were very limited that way. I truly want to help our players the best way I can, which sometimes feels insufficient when denied access to better tools. I also feel ready to face new challengers and see a drastic change in my experience within the server, let it be playing time and how I ultimately spend it in the server. I want to help the new players of our community with whatever they need, I want to inspire the old players to be whatever they choose to be and I believe Im the right person for the job. Im an experienced player as Ive mentioned above, I believe I can evaluate and manage every scenario accordingly. I also want to keep updating the server with new features and some projects Ive got in mind, mostly related to mapping where I feel more comfortable and confident in myself and my skills. I obviously wouldnt mind testing whatevers in the works and It will be my pleasure to offer my help in everything and anything you possibly need.

Server Memberships: Im a gang member, currently teaming up with JK. Im a proud CLO member, an old LWS, CC, ZIP, CS, OB, IAC and ALT member and Im also a Donator.

Additional information: My real name is Baris, I live in Istanbul and Im currently working in a 3D Printer Company. I enjoy playing video-games in my free times and long walks in the park with my beautiful cat, Mia. Im a devoted Muslim but I respect all beliefs and ideologies. I guess you can say Im just the guy next-door, meaning Im a very average young adult, just trying to peacefully live my life and enjoy every moment I possibly can with my family and friends. SAES, overall, had a huge impact in my life. Ive met many people and cultures I would have never met otherwise, Ive shared many incredible moments and experiences with people Ive never seen yet call friends. Ive learned a lot and Im keen to discover new experiences and knowledge I can use in my future, I love to relive my memories and find myself giggling with the past, thats truly a blessing.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Nothing of note.
Previous (legitimate) bans: I have never been banned.

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A high effort application and always a sad denial after you've already done so much for us but we're looking for a little more ingame activity from our community staff team.

Best of luck for next time and hopefully your activity improves,

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