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Deagle's Application For Community Staff


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Your ingame username: Peksuonu
Your ingame alias: Z|Deagle
Your year of birth: 14.08.2005
Your gender: Im male.

Nationality: Im Estonian.
Country of residence: I live in Estonia.

How long you have been playing SAES: I have played SAES:RPG over one year. But I have experience from other servers and from other roleplay platforms.*
Qualities you can offer: Since start from this year I have been a recruitment manager for Organization Zero. I can handle newbies and teach them. I am very hardworking person I have a vision and the ambition to make a SAES:RPG better place. From personally I can say that I am very loyal person, I tolerate other humans also and I do not see the world only in grey colours. From my age I think that I am very mature and I have never abused some powers for myself and against others.
Your weaknesses: Some people from my family and from my friendhood say that I am to kind and good person. That means from their vision that some people often take advantage from me.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes I have a discord and it is installed into my computer it is Deagle#8177.

Reason for application: After I saw that SAES Clan Recruitment is open I desided to give it a try. I think probably I will be denied put I do not lose everything from this application. Also I want to educate newbies much as possible and I try to make them respect and tolerate other people including SAES:RPG Rules.

Server Memberships: I am part of the gang called Organization Zero. Also I am member in a racing group called raceTECH. And recently I got myself into group called Drunk & Disorderly Terrorists.

Additional information: I can record videos and edit them. I used to have a youtube channel called Peksuonu and I was video manager at Organization Zero. My real life is kinda complicated because I work a lot with different projects. I like military and cars. My future vision of myself is that I am a soilder or a teacher at school teaching history. Also I love history and
geography. I want to make a world better place by mixing peoples. I am atheist that means I do not belive in god and I imagine world in peace.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: My first adminjail was about one year ago. From that punishment I can say that it was missunderstanding and I did not had any proof that would brove that I am innocent. My another adminjail was also long time ago and that was simple rule that I forget. I deffended my gang bank robbery from First room at country bank. I have recived two mutes. One was from talking Estonian from mainchat. I understand that it is very bad and impolite thing what to do because other SAES players can not understand what I am saying.
Previous (legitimate) bans: I have never been banned before and I think that my
behavior is not that bad to be banned.

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