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Cristian's Application For SAHA


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Your ingame username: CristianEscobar
Your ingame alias: [AA]Cristian
Your year of birth:06/08/2005
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Venezuelan
Country of residence: Venezuela

How long you have been playing SAES: A year and a half
Qualities you can offer: I can offer good service in the forum or within the server by doing good work and good service and dedication to the saha team and the community.
Your weaknesses: My weakness is failing in what I do, so I do my best in what I do.

Do you have Discord Installed:yes

Reason for application: My reason is to be saha to help the community with their requests or doubts and I will answer them with a correct question, Inside the server I have dedicated myself to help people with their doubts or questions, And I could fit into the team by devoting a lot of time to the community on the forum and server.

Server Memberships:
Arms Assassins
All Load Trucking
Outbreack Organizaction
ZIP Constructions
San Andreas Medics
San Andreas Studios

Additional information:My name is Cristian alive in Venezuela I am a boy pleasant with 16 years, In real life I am a student who is About to pass to university with good grades, I like to play games in my spare time as saes and during my time in saes eh wanted to be part of the San Andreas Housing Agency.

Previous (legitimate) Punishments on the server: I had punishment before when I started playing saes that were 2 Admin jail by DM or Avoid.
Previous (legitimate) bans: N/A

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