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Teller's application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: teller
Your ingame alias: [HS]Teller
Your year of birth: 1996
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Finnish
Country of residence: Finland

How long you have been playing SAES: Since June 2013
Qualities you can offer: Following routines and guides. Preferring to deal with situation(s) myself rather than handing it to nearest colleague.
Your weaknesses: Spontanious long work shifts which make me stressed and tired, leading to inability to even walk to a computer let alone turning it on and sit and play. I'm easily lost in things that are new to me and I develope interest for.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes

Reason for application: My passion towards this position. This is not my first application for Community Staff. I find myself suiting for this task, since it will highly boost my motivation and most importantly - ability to guide recently registered and slightly less experienced players to understanding the server and it's ways with the tools exclusive to Staff members only. In the past years I helped many Staff members with Russian players that speak no English at all and everytime I'm able to help in those situations it makes me want to become part of the team more and more. I'm as close to ground as anyone can ever be. I don't place myself above others, which makes me same as any other player who needs help, submits a report or uses /ask command, only exception being that I'd be found responsible enough to help them, sort out reports that they submit because they find themself on offended side, finding answers to questions submitted with /ask, answers to which can be found in F1 menu, but players find it difficult to locate. All of the things listed above is one big symbiosis of reasons that make me apply for Community Staff yet again. I want to be of help in community that I spent my teenage years developing my own "I", learning about different cultures, practicing English, spending hilarious moments, having emotional times, one place that I can always come to and ask for mental support or share thoughts that trouble me. SAES community has given me alot. It's time for me to pay my dues for community that has given me so much, yet got nothing from me in return.

Server Memberships: Hell Soldiers, raceTECH

Additional information: I speak 3 languages, 2 of which are Finnish and Russian that I speak fluently. I'm calm and easy to work with. I take responsibilities seriously and choose to work strictly by the book and routines handed to me. I have experience in customer service, which is skill that can be directly transfered to this role. I have passion and dedication to things that makes people count on me, getting picked for community staff being one of them.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: couple of adminjails sprinkled with some mutes
Previous (legitimate) bans: Not in the past years. There is one by Ardron for calling him cuck on teamchat for 5 minutes straight, but that was plain joking, which we're over.

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After reviewing playtime data from all of our applicants throughout the last couple of months, I regret to inform you that your activity has been on the lower end of the spectrum that is desired for this role and as a result you have not been successful during this recruitment.

May I recommend that you try and maintain consistent activity if you wish to apply for positions within the SAES Team in the future.

Best of luck next time!

alt text

Decent app but the activity just isn't there sorry.

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