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Aprix's application for SAHA


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Your ingame username: criminal69
Your ingame alias: Aprix
Your year of birth: 2000
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Lithuanian & Norwegian
Country of residence: Norway

How long you have been playing SAES: First joined in 2011, but have been mostly active since 03/2021.

Qualities you can offer: Activity, postivity and loyalty. I feel like i have had very good activity this year, and i see no reason of stopping. I love to spread positivity around, make people happy and laugh, which is also important in this community. I like to handle things calmly and do not escalade situations, or get into fights. And most importantly, i offer my help and dedication.

Your weaknesses: I don't feel like my English is perfect. I am a perfectionist, which means i might spend more hours doing something to get it just right. I work at a hectic place which means i could have to work overtime in certain times of the year.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes

Reason for application: I am applying because i want to offer my help, as i said i have very good activity, i do not mind spending some of the time helping other people. I personally have struggled to find SAHA online sometimes, which means i could bring more acitivity to SAHA. Even if i have not been online, i have almost always been available to come ingame after work hours.

Server Memberships: Royal Flush

Additional information: I am a 21 year old male, and have spent my last 13 years living in Norway. I am a full time electrician / supervisor on site. I work at a shipyard and I enjoy refurbishing and building ships. On my free time i enjoy gaming and working on cars. I am currently overhauling my beloved Audi A8, which is challenging and interesting.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Pretty sure i have been adminjailed for DMing some years ago, i don't remember exactly when.
Previous (legitimate) bans: None.

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Pretty minimal effort application and you drive an Audi at 21 years old, disgraceful.

Unfortunately you haven't been successful this time around. Try and help out more ingame and on discord to further express your interests and capabilities for next time.

Best of luck!

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