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(old) Jail is Back!


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Quick announcement just to say the old jail, as requested, is back.

The changes aren't widescale, it's mainly remapping old objects into ones with better hitboxes to match the model.

You'll also notice everything looks cleaner now with shaders.

This is all down to mainly @Steven who put a lot of work into shadering and mapping to get the jail ready.

@Scorpyo 's assistance on the other end of editing resources etc. is also a big part in why the jail is back.

You will also notice there's a new addition of a vent.

Before anyone loses their mind, this is purely there as a test to see how it would impact the balance.

We believe it will enable criminals to better camp the long corridor and hold out longer against large numbers of cops, as it increases how many defenders can hold both corridors.

With this in mind we're also very aware everyone, including myself, voted for the old jail and were not consulted necessarily on this addition.

As such, in 1 week, we will poll the vent.

If the community votes to keep it, it stays. If they voted to remove it, it will be removed.

Just use it with an open mind and enjoy the new (old) jail.

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Thanks a lot. Glad to see some useful changes after hearing out the feedbacks of players which I really lost hope of. Good job again admins and I hope things will continue to be like this. I really got demotivated on playing SAES since the new jail and few other changes were been made which was somewhat killing the gameplay and biased towards cop side but now I'll definitely give SAES a try again and see if I enjoy it just like I used to. Cheers!

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