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GamerZ's LWS Events


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Hi, I am ~[GamerZ]~(FF330D), I am ~[13 years old]~(FF330D) and I am ~[from Tunisia but I Live in Germany]~(FF330D) I can speak some ~[Arabic, German and English.]~(FF330D)
My Hobbies are ~[Gaming, learning new abilities and I like technology]~(FF330D).

I Joined Saes in ~[October 2020]~(FF330D) I don't know the exact day but it was between 5-17th October.
Currently, I am in ~[Royal Flush]~(FF330D) but my ~[previous Organizations are MIT and UE]~(FF330D).
I was ~[inactive]~(FF330D) for a long time (~[from 2021 March to June]~(FF330D)) but I am back now.

~[I]~(FF330D) want to become a ~[Lightning World Sports]~(FF330D) member to ~[help Saes Players]~(FF330D) host their events because right now there aren't many ~[active LWS member]~(FF330D) what is very bad because LWS is a very ~[usefull group]~(FF330D) for other ~[Groups/Gangs/Squads]~(FF330D).

- Have a nice Day, ~[GamerZ]~(FF330D)
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Events Hosted: 7
Money Spent: 7.000.000 $
Event types:

My Idea:
Deathmatch Race
Guess the Car Price
Fastest Suicide
Bild TextStandart Events:
All VS All Fist
Kamikaze my shamal
Chicken Shooter

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![Bild Text](https://i.imgur.com/eXywvxe.png)
**Event ~[N]~**

**~[E]~(ff6)vent Type:**
**~[L]~(ff6)WS-Member :**
**~[R]~(ff6)eward :**
**~[W]~(ff6)inner :**
**~[S]~(ff6)creenshot(s) :**
![Bild Text](https://i.imgur.com/Q1l5ZId.png)

![Bild Text](Bild Link)

![Bild Text](https://i.imgur.com/Q1l5ZId.png)

![Bild Text](https://i.imgur.com/UYUkPMx.png)

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