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ZIP ~ 2021 Recruitment Center


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Welcome to the ZIP Recruitment Center, you will find here the instructions and the steps to succeed in your integration in this powerful and unique group which is ZIP Constructions.

Understand that the key to becoming a ZIP member is that you must have a creative mind and an enthusiasm in construction and design.
You also need to engage yourself for ZIP, which means being active often and not sleeping taking it for granted.

The ZIP is an access to more than 150 construction objects, without particular restrictions to express your creative spirit and to realize, perhaps, the best works ever known.

It's now your turn!

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Read the below instructions carefully to prevent us from ignoring your application.

The recruitment takes place for each applicant in 3 stages which are:

Stage 1 : The Application


  • At this recruitment there is no specific application form to be used. This means that you, the applicant, is free to make any application form you like. Try to be as creative you can be in order to make yourself unique compared to the other applicants.
  • The title of your application should be: "(Name)'s Application for ZIP".
  • Questions must be in BOLD.
  • Once the application is posted, you need to post builds to keep it up to date. Note that we only consider an application if it has at least 5 builds.
  • There is no minimum set amount of roleplays required but the more skills are shown, the more we can see what you got.
  • Posts will only be counted as valid using the formats below.

Stage 2 : The Interview

  • Once we have determined that you are eligible for ZIP, we invite you to do an interview to discuss your motivations and aptitudes for becoming a member.
  • The interview will be done primarily ingame.
  • The ZIP Managers and HQs will then analyze your general profile and your psychological state.

Stage 3: The Final Answer - Admission into Zip

  • A discussion between HQs and Managers will take place.
  • We will then analyze your general behavior towards the server and the players.
  • After a final decision of the HQs, you will receive your final answer within 7 days directly on your application.

Some points to know:

  • You can get help from ZIP members.
  • Roleplaying must be privileged for each construction.
  • Offering money / service to have your constructions / blueprint carried out is strictly prohibited. You must immediately report any proposal under penalty of being refused and banned from ZIP.

Good Luck to everyone!
Have a question? Contact us directly on the ZIP Discord.



Topic authorized by the ZIP HQ,
ZIP Management

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While your Application can be designed the way you want, posts must follow the formats below :




Roleplay format :



Build format :


Failure to use these formats will result in your post not being counted.

ZIP Management

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  • 2 years later...

In order to help the process into worker easier. I have removed Stage 2 blueprint requirement. And i will also be personally looking into the
application process to make sure they are answered and handled in a timely manner. Good luck to everyone!

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