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F1 Fantasy League [2021 Season]


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Hi, for anyone interested I've set up a 'SAES Formula 1 Fantasy League' if anyone is interested in joining. Season starts this time next month and would be interested to set up a little competition with in-game cash for winnings.

This fantasy league is an official league set up by F1, any info can be found here [https://fantasy.formula1.com/game-rules].

This is how points will be scored in the league [https://fantasy.formula1.com/points-scoring].

Driver/Team prices will be dynamic throughout the season, meaning you'll be able to profit on them throughout the season to make your team stronger [https://fantasy.formula1.com/dynamic-pricing + https://fantasy.formula1.com/subs-bank].

There is also general prizes given out by F1 at the end of the season, but I highly doubt we'll be getting those kek [https://fantasy.formula1.com/prizes]

In terms of prizes in our SAES league I'm thinking we all pay a $$$ entry fee and we set up a total prize pot depending on how many people we get enter the league.

  • We will use the raceTECH Discord to keep track of everything, you'll have to join there if you're interested [https://discord.gg/G3wXSYy8S4]

  • Current entry fee per person is $1mil cash.

  • Only one team per user is permitted.

  • You will have to sign up to the F1 Fantasy website [fantasy.formula1.com/]

  • Name your Team after your SAES in-game name (IE Jay's Team)

^[~[If you're interested in joining, hit me up on Discord and I'll update this topic in future.]~(red)]

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@skomorje said in F1 Fantasy League [2021 Season]:

Oh finally, nice to see F1 events in SAES. Also @Jay I have an idea. If there are any F1 2020 players you can organize a multiplayer races which would be fun too.

@Terry was on about this to me earlier, I'm sure we could set something up. I have roles/chats ready in Discord but we've not started anything yet, not sure when we will. I'm sure more people will be interested when the season starts next month.

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