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Ingame Event - Thursday 21st Jan - 19:00 GMT


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I will be hosting another event this Thursday (21st Jan) at 19:00 GMT / Server time.

This event has been sponsored by @Getskillz again to celebrate his gangs (@Generation-X ) first year anniversary being on the server and consists of 350 worth of equivalent donation rewards.

The events that will take place (may be subject to change).

  • Arrest first 10 X members for 10 each at jeff, defended by X members only (100 total)

  • Kill Getskillz on top mc defended by X members only, 100k hp for 50

  • Race event 1st 35 . 2nd 20 . 3rd 15 (70 total)

  • NRG Parkour for 50 (first 5 who reach the roses get 10 each)

  • TDM teams of 5 50

  • Kart Race first 3 get 10 each (30 total)

As before, those who grief or interfere with events will result in a 7 day ban and also included as part of your gang/group results, if applicable.

Good luck.

alt text

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Hi again,

Would like to thank everyone involved yesterday.

Event results came as the following:
Event | Prize | Winner(s)

  • | - | - |
    Kill Scorpyo on top of MC | 50 | @Draven
    Arrest 10 X members in Jeff Motel | 100 (10 each) | @alex0107 x2, @EloThAm x2, @nCovv , @Troyano , @Elegant , @nvidia , @Beast_ , @beauty
    Police LV Race | 70 | @Rainy 35, @Frank-Drebin 20, @Lazar 15
    Team Deathmatch | 50 (10 each) | @Element, @Dudi, @Elegant, @Curny, @Rythm
    NRG Parkour | 50 (10 each) | @Howlze, @Element, @Benny, @Elet, @Elegant
    Kart Race | 30 (10 each) | @Frank-Drebin , @Elegant, @Benny

Special thanks to @Versace and @Colobria for their assistance as LWS. Also to SAES/Staff members.

Thanks again to @Getskillz for giving up his donation rewards for these events.

Keep an eye out on the forum announcement/news section and Discord for more events.

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